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Friday, February 17

of moving house yet again

- kein, posted at 3:23 AM.

All right, I'm moving again, and this time to my own webhost!

Feel free to carry on reading over there, a coupla new entries've already been written.

A final farewell to friend-less dot com, and the start of keinism.com!

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Sunday, February 12

of moving house?

- kein, posted at 3:47 AM.

It's been going on for quite some time, but I'm giving the thought of moving to my own webhost some serious thinking this time. Blogger's really laggy at times, and I lost one of my entries after publishing it. Lost i.e. I hit the publish button, successfully published, and wala! It vanishes into thin air a coupla minutes later. Whaddahell?

Having serious trouble justifying the cost of registering a domain name and the webhosting though, just for a space of my own. Man, this sucks.

Maybe if I just scrimp and save harder, set aside like a hundred bucks every year hmmmmmmm. Shouldn't be too hard.

After all, pageviews've been dropping these days, and what I write is more for me own benefit rather than anyone else's viewing pleasure ;p And not that anyone else'll be too affected. The brother's been busy coding his arse off on the school projects and juggling work to even think about blogging; seems that his writing fervor's died off alot sooner than mine.

Think, think, think!

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Saturday, February 11

of murphy's law.

- kein, posted at 1:10 AM.

Came across this post on Murphy's Law(s) on What ever you want, baby and after browsing thru the actual Murphy's Laws site, I concluded that the original postulation has taken a hell lot of variations since then ;p

For example,

"All the good ones are taken. If the person isn't taken, there's a reason."
(Food for thought; so maybe that's why the babe at the other table's by herself.)

"When the lights are out, all women are beautiful."
(Something that's damn true in dimly lit places like clubs as well, lol.)

Or this one ;p

"To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer."

These few are absolute classics though:

Murphy's Law of Thermodynamics
"Things get worse under pressure."

The Murphy Philosophy
"Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse."

"In nature, nothing is ever right. Therefore, if everything is going right ... something is wrong. "

Hilarious :)

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Thursday, February 9

of the adventures of soggyman

- kein, posted at 5:58 PM.

It's been a wet and gloomy Thursday, and I hereby announce me new title for the day: Soggyman! It's unbelieveable how I've been drenched/soaked/etc repeatedly in a single day. Sucks :(

Heading out to CGH for my appointment in the morning, and I got caught in an unexpected downpour. Apparently it was unexpected only by yours truly; the mother had predicted it b4 I left the house, but being a stubborn and lazy arse an optimistic individual, I decided to try my luck. Trying to dry yourself with paper towels in the toilet is a next-to-impossible task, as I discovered later on. Oh well, at least the rain had petered down by the time I started going back.

The second round came in the afternoon, when I thought that the rain'd finally stopped. Time for gym woohoo! Was happily pushing the bike out to the lift and.. shit. Rain yet again? Too late for regrets, I thought I could like y'know, act garang and brave it out. Outcome? Totally, uberly, ultimately soaked when I signed in at the gym; good thing I'd worn a windbreaker and brought a change of clothes (although they'd gotten a little wet as well.)

*insert interval of using the hairdryer to blowdry the spare clothes, giving a sheepish grin to the gym instructor (who was prob wondering what the hell I was up to)*

And you'd thought that would be enough but noooooo, the blardy rain hadn't stopped by the time I was done with gym, and I had to head out to Tampines Central to meet some friend (who flaked out later).

*insert interval of using hand dryer to dry hair (yes, I was that desperate)*

Was cycling home after waiting for an hour or so of wandering, and I was thinking idle thoughts.

"Hmm.. big-ass puddle of water on the road, and it's like right beside where I am now."

".. it'll be kinda shitty if I get splashed just because a passing car's driving too fast eh?"

".. nah.. can't be.."

I was just about to complete that line of thought with ".. that suay right?"

Right before I got to that part, a fcuktard promptly zoomed by and dumped like 99% of that puddle on me.

.. damn, but I was too surprised to even feel pissed for the first few seconds. The next few seconds, I felt like walking up to the arsehole's car and bashing his face in. But after calming down, I concluded that rearranging his features wouldn't dry my clothes anyway. Hell, even walking up and giving him the finger would be a colossal waste of time and energy, so yeah I'd might as well go home and get changed.

And that's all for today, I've had enough of being a damp rag. *rolls eyes in disgust*

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Wednesday, February 8

of more CNY greetings!

- kein, posted at 11:12 AM.

As usual, image from 不想长大的S.H.E (which is actually S.H.E's actual blog.)

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Tuesday, February 7

of something tasty.

- kein, posted at 1:42 AM.

Ordered these from Cher earlier on, just received it in the evening and had me first bite just now over dinner. Hmmm.. goot I say :)

Feel free to have a try if any of you ever drop by my place ;p
(If there's any left.)

Now that I'm done with the advertising, time to head for sleepyland; Z.

Hmm, then again I should start writing something against V-Day, just to balance things out. There's this other entry on Mirror of the Soul that's funny :) Quit remembering St Valentine's Day, and start celebrating Saint Auxentios Day!

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Thursday, February 2

of minor tweaks, a wee bit more.

- kein, posted at 10:52 PM.

Some minor changes if you haven't noticed it ;p

- The default Blogger navbar at the top's gone, if you noticed. I found this site that had a CSS tweak to remove that, all fine and well.

- The font for the posts have been changed too, more compact look now. that's guaranteed to make you squint till yer eyeballs come off.

- I removed the background music some time back, after realising that Firefox actually plays the damn song upon page load instead of upon user clicking the play button. No good, so goodbye.

I'd contemplated switching over to another template altogether, but nahh. Another time. I still prefer my daft white layout for now.

Now that these've been settled, time for a few interesting pics of the day.

Hebe! :D

"Sometimes we put up walls. Not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down."

This was gone from PostSecret by the time I remembered it, and I had to sift through Technorati for a fellow blogger who'd saved this image. So achingly true though; who truly cares enough to look over those emotional ramparts of ours, those walls of solitude?

"you will never love me the way that I love you."

Another PostSecret contribution; you should really check it out. Full of messages from the various unknowns who mail in, all so expressive in their own way.

That's all for today. I didn't think my CNY was really worth a post, so nope zero details on these past idle days.


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