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Sunday, October 24

bad night?

- kein, posted at 1:33 AM.

Tonight's been full of minor (read: won't-be-sacked-for-'em) screwups:
- I received some customer request through fax last night, finished it and jotted down the details of completion etc on a file today.. only to realise that I wasn't supposed to do the work until some other managers had signed on the form.. oops? -.-
Talk about following proper procedures =X I've unwittingly become a non-conformist rulebreaker!

- Nearly missed out on the network error messages that appeared on another machine. *humongous sweatdrops gushed down kein's forehead at that point*
Fortunately, the links recovered a few minutes after I called a colleague who groggily (and grumpily) got up. He must've been quite pissed that I shattered his sweet dreams all for nothing, heh heh =X
*non-existent sense of guilt*

- Looking forward to the maintenance windows later; there's gonna be two going on concurrently after 0200 hrs, happiness. Hope nothing untoward happens ;p
*touches blockhead (i.e. myself) for good luck*

Nevertheless, I'm still lookin' forward to the next week =) I'll be meeting up with quite a few people on my off days; Weijie for the design of his company brochure, LS for blood donation, and SJ jie for.. hmm I'm not sure for what either ;p It'll either be shop/eat/talk or eat/talk/shop or any other combination of the three, grins.
The disposable income for this month still doesn't look too good either, better keep my splurging down still ;(

Sunday morning basketball's been cancelled, bleh. The NTU guys're busy preparing for their exams, and one of the guys hasn't recovered from an ankle injury.. what can I say? LPPL, like what the army says.. squeeze balls =) The news came at a fortituous time anyway, since I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to play properly after three continuous nights of work ;p Night shift'll take its toll on yer, don't y'know? JH and NZ should be pretty disappointed though =X

The page views for this blog are definitely more encouraging than our previous ones, hope the readers'll continue to increase! But alas, I've not much else to report for all you bored readers out there.. ah wait.

There's this crappy thing that stumped me for an amazing fifteen minutes before I figured what the answer was; evidently my language's deteriorated further than I thought =X
Happy guessing, no prizes though ;p

_ _ _i _ v _
_ _ u _ s _ _ f

Here's a series of strips from Garfield about a homicidal toaster =)
I'll dig out the strips about the ball of yarn some other day, until then enjoy your Sunday people!

p.s. incase y'all are wonderin' why young poook hasn't been postin', 'tis becus he's busy a-swingin' his way thru the skyscrapers and webbing the evildoers in spiderman 2 on the xbox =)