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Saturday, October 23

The case of G league

- xtra_09, posted at 1:05 PM.

"Welcome to Ngee Ann, This is Nass..."

This just sound do familiar as i've always tried to imitate thosse EPL comentators as in the case of welcome to the theatre of dreams of some sort. Back then, The G league as it was commonly known was operating every single day. Match preparation starts as soon as the last bell rang, and we would be in our "dressing room" (a.k.a canteen) waiting for all the other members of the league. In the meantime, what's without food inside the canteen? Lor Mee, wanton mee and "cai peng" were some of our very favourites. Another half an hour more, and we would be in the quadrangle till the sun sets. And this sets up the vicious cycle of eat, play, sleep that characterised my four years in the great Ngee Ann.

Fast forward to year 2004...xtra09 was no longer the player he was. "Schmeichel" (ZJ)missing...Zidane(ONG) put on a few pounds...Andy Cole(NG) gets injured easily...I think Tony Adams(SK) seems to lose his compass somewhere out in the sea...Van nisterooy(Clement) not as prolific as before. And the major difference: We are not playing as frequent as before. What was termed as a strong league has suddenly degenerated into somewhat an amateur sunday soccer team...No one's to blame. Everybody has grown up, and there are certainly more important things to be bothered with as we reach the age of 22...but then again, the innocence, passion, the adrenalin rush and THE DREAM also decrease indirectly with our increasing age and important priorities. Is that good? Nobody can say this with certainty...Maybe it isn't the dream...but a kind of feeling that just seems to be missing after 8 long years...It' s never the same thing again