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Saturday, October 30

End Of an ERA

- xtra_09, posted at 9:05 PM.

Changkat was stunned into submission today...A host of old and young generation of players had absolutely no answers to the likes of ronald, vincent, kim choon and guoren. Absolutely no where close. Old legends like Ah Kheng, zhiwei, victor and edward and middle generation players like xtra09, plus youngsters alan, heng, uncle alan and simon was simply brushed aside..Spectacular stuff from the invaders. The Changkat players actually lost almost a total of 20 matches in a row, in a space of 2hrs, from around 5pm to 7pm. Xtra09 was playing quite well, but of course simply no match for the power play and the rebounding abilities of the invaders...How Shaq and Tao Sheng was so badly missed...Absolutely crushed....And absolutely no answers...Is this the end of the road for the legends of Changkat, if you like, urban legends.

On another note, finally 3 weeks down to the final exams...I gonna be psyched up for it and give my best...To keep my dream of being an economist alive.