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Monday, October 25

MaxOnline? Wrong!

- kein, posted at 10:22 PM.

It should be known as LagOnline, like what a lot of other forumers have commented -.- The connection only recovered a while ago, but I couldn't access all BlogSpot pages for quite a while bleh. Maybe that's the reason why the page views are incredibly low today ;( or maybe the quality of our posts have been steadily on the decline haha =X Whatever.

The long awaited trip to the SAFRA bowling alley (awaited by mother, not us) finally took place today. It was then that I realised the entire place was infested with kids from neighbouring schools with the shirts all untucked, all scampering about the place, heaving the balls with all their might. Perhaps this is their way of dealing with Monday blues, hiaks. I was idly wondering if they'd attach themselves to the flying ball(s) and make like superman =X That would've been fun to see. Mother seemed to be extremely excited/eager about the whole deal, and amused me/poook to no end. Oh well.. at least one of us had fun. Bowling was never one of the sports I found interesting, since the expense on the pocket was way too heavy; stick to basketball man, at least it's free ;p

Got an SMS from SJ jie about wanting to meet on Thursday instead, but I'll be working then ;p Catching a strong whiff of something bad, and it looks like plans for the entire week will have to be re-adjusted yet again.. oh well. Like I always say, 习惯就好 ;(

Minor reminder to fellow readers; don't forget to scan your computer for virii and spyware regularly! I've just updated mine, gonna be doing it later heh heh. If you don't have any AV software or spyware detectors, you might wanna check out CNET and download some. Personally, I'll recommend AVG by Grisoft Inc for AV (read: anti-virus), and Ad-aware SE Personal by Lavasoft; all freeware, no need for those dumb cracks =)

Before I end with the usual strips..
some assorted images of 田馥甄 a.k.a Hebe! She's so cute =))
I prefer the hairstyle she had during the "美丽新世界" & "Together" albums period rather than the recent "波斯猫" look.. ugh poookie and I hate china doll bangs -.-
The new album look's even worse IMO, looks like some afro puff hairdo ;( sighs.

The above's some link from a forumer's (ReN's) signature banner; looks great right? =))

A variety of smiles! Go to S.H.E's forum for more images!