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Tuesday, October 19

Movie reviews, anyone?

- poook, posted at 4:19 PM.

My brother seems to have all the luck in winning contests.

Up till date, he has won tickets to sneak previews of 'The Bourne Supremacy', 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow', 'The Manchurian Candidate' through the NewMan contests. [By the way, NewMan is an interesting magazine...for guys.]

Anyway, I got to watch two sneak previews with him, namely 'Sky Captain' and 'The Manchurian Candidate'. The reason is fairly simple: he can't find anyone else to watch with him.
Last week, we headed down to Lido to catch 'Sky Captain'. He mentioned that we had to be early for some reason:

Me: What for?

kein: Because it's free seating for sneak previews. If we get there late, you'll see that there will be lots of empty single seats dotted throughout the cinema.

The scenario turned out exactly like my brother predicted it to be. Latecomers had to be separated from their friends and squeeze their way across the row just to get seated. As we got to Lido early, we got the best seats in the house: middle row, center.

kein: Imagine if we came in later, we'll be sitting separate liao. Either that or we'll be sitting on the staircase.

We talked some crap about screening the people out at the cinema entrance, and also spent lots of time reading Air Gear #7 using the light from my hand phone's LCD screen.

Did I mention that the sneak preview was in Lido Classic? Guess not. For those who haven't been to Lido Classic, it's definitely less spacious than the normal Lido cinemas. No seats at either sides, so you only get the centre rows. To make up for the lack of leg space and seats, they've installed pretty comfortable chairs throughout the cinema. They are rocking chairs with added cushion and padding, which means that you could rock your chair back and forth like a monkey.

I didn't get to play, because an asshole behind me stopped my chair when I was just beginning to enjoy it. Then again, that's what assholes are for.

Some things I've concluded after watching the show:

1) New Yorkers in the 1930's speak with a strong British accent.

2) Their robots are ugly. I've drawn better looking robots when I was 12.

3) The plot is lame.

Aside from that, I think the scriptwriter should be complemented for the corny dialogues. What I really liked was the ending:

Joe tells Polly to take a shot of the crashed rocket. Polly looks into her camera..and turns towards Joe instead. Joe turns to look at her, and she clicked the camera.

Joe: Polly...

Polly: Don't say anything.

Joe: Lens cap.

Polly: *stunned look*


Overall, it's an average show. But there's no reason to complain about it since it's free ;)


Last night was the sneak preview for 'The Manchurian Candidate', so we took the train down to Suntec. When we reached City Hall, it was 6.54pm.

Me: 6 more mins till 7pm.

kein: We should be there just on time.

I figured that he wanted to sprint to the cinema. But he was still walking at a normal pace. I was confused, isn't the movie starting at 7pm?

Me: I thought the movie is at 7pm?

kein: It's at 7.30pm.

Me: Hmm.. I thought I heard you said 7pm.

kein: Must be your hearing koked up.

The elder brother is always right, so I just shrugged. Plus, my memory is extraordinarily bad. We went around for a bit of window shopping, then proceeded to Suntec.

When we reached Eng Wah at around 7.20pm, he asked if I wanted to grab a bite before we went in. I was quite hungry by then.

Me: Yah, I think so.

kein: Oh shit.

He was staring at the movie tickets.

kein: It's at 7pm. sorry sorry!

Me: Never mind lah.. let's go in. Food can settle after the movie.

I guess elder brothers can be wrong sometimes. =/

After checking our tickets, the usher pointed to the cinema we were supposed to go to. There were two cinemas, unfortunately.

Me: Which one?

kein: Should be 1.

He opened the door and we went in quietly. The screen showed Faye Wong being compassionately kissed on the neck by some guy. This doesn't look right.

kein: Whoops. the other one.

We hurriedly made our way to Cinema 2. It's definitely the right one, because I see Denzel Washington on screen.

We tried to scan the cinema for empty seats, but to no avail. The second row had plenty of empty seats in the middle, but an asshole sitting at the side blocked the way by resting his legs on the seat of the first row. Selfish asshole. Left with no choice, we sat in the first row.

10 minutes into the movie, a woman in purdah is holding a bloody human brain in her hands.

- My stomach stopped protesting.

30 minutes into the movie, Ben Marco [Denzel Washington] is using a knife to cut his skin open in the shower. Blood oozes out, and you can see him lifting the flap of his skin.

- I was glad that I didn't have a fear of blood.

60 minutes into the movie, Raymond Shaw [Liev Schreiber] is choking his team mate with his bare hands. [His choking method isn't those kind of sissy-two-hand-grab. He DIGS into the guy's throat with all of his strength and enforces it with his other hand. Fuck, that's what I call realism.] His team mate gives out loud choking noises, and expels a series of pinkish-white fluid. Continuously.

- Somehow I'm relieved that I didn't buy any snacks.

That's more or less for the gross parts of this movie. Unfortunately, most of my friends won't get to watch because this movie is M18. Yeah..the wonders of sneak previews :)

For those who wish to know the story, here it is: [Warning: spoilers! Highlight the text to read.]

Manchurian Global is an international company that has been funded by the government to carry out experiments regarding human behavior. This is done by inserting a micro chip into the brain of the subject which allows them to erase memories, alter personalities, or even to do their bidding. Dr. Atticus Noyle has provided evidence that this is possible, as they have conducted similar tests on a tomato; increasing its mass greatly but altering its flavor. As such, the government has allowed Manchurian Global to perform its experiments on its army personnel.

Meanwhile, Senator Eleanor Prentiss Shaw has other plans. She contacts the Manchurian Global personnel and requests that they use their technology to brainwash her son's platoon.

Her son, Raymond Prentiss Shaw, was part of a U.S platoon led by C.O Bennett Marco during Operation Desert Storm. During the war, the entire platoon was captured by the Manchurian Global personnel for 3 days. They were flown to a sandy, deserted island where horrendous experiments were performed on them. They were brainwashed to the extent that they would do whatever they were ordered to, without hesitation. Ben Marco fired a shot at his team mate's head, and Raymond choked his team mate to death.

In short, the experiment was a success.

The entire platoon was brainwashed into believing that Shaw was responsible for their safety, because he bravely fought back the enemy when C.O Marco was unconscious and rescued the entire platoon from danger.

As a result, Shaw was awarded with the Congressional Medal of Honor; and C.O Marco was promoted to Major Marco. Nobody suspected anything at all.

Shaw was nominated for the upcoming vice-presidential elections, and became a hit with the people. With his mother behind him, he was definitely going strong.

Marco, on the other hand, keeps getting nightmares of what has really happened during the 3 days. Although he remembers the events as he was brainwashed into believing, the nightmares haunted him for the past few years. Doctors brush it off as a 'post-war syndrome', and instructed him to take his medication regularly.

Until one day, he decides to reveal the truth himself...

The movie's great, I'd say. Great plot, great action, great music! One of the better movies I've seen this year.