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Sunday, October 17

a sleepy yet sleepless sunday.

- kein, posted at 8:52 PM.

don't blame me if i sound like a idiot on his tenth round of tequila shots or something; i'm feeling extremely concussed here. tried to get some sleep before work but nope, damn brain just wouldn't switch off for a nice cozy nap. something good came out of it anyway, saw this nice maroon longsleeved shirt @ g2000 just now hmmm. but right now the bloody head feels like a filing cabinet that's chock-full of papers.. minus the files. sounds great eh? don't get me wrong, my brain's working at peak efficiency, seriously! it's just that i seem to remember every single piece of shit that i don't need, and vice versa -.-

yeah i know, corny eh? let's move on.

no details here, but i'm definitely a convert to the don juan bible. i was kinda skeptical about the stuff they wrote initially, but after a bout of initial experimentation.. hoo boy was i wrong. i think nice guys should really go dig their heads out of their asses or something, there's no point to slaving your ass off overdoing the nice deeds. after all, why be nice when acting indifferent gets you better results? ironic humor in reality, i call it.
(note: i'm most definitely one of those morons i mentioned, but at least i've gotten my head out of the ass.)

woops, you mean you haven't read the dj bible before? haven't read the thing before? read it man.. do it before you start making more mistakes on our most esteemed members of the female species in the course of the great game.

alright, enough of this ;p time to haul my ass off the chair and do some work.
enjoy your monday blues people! *sniggers* i'm not gonna be working on monday btw, gonna be catching a movie preview of the manchurian candidate =X free tics, what can i say?

decided to post more comic strips; better than reading my words sometimes ;p
garfield humor mixed with the dieting issue.

talk about being obvious ;p

here's one from calvin and hobbes - the greens monster! =)