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Thursday, October 14


- poook, posted at 11:50 PM.

This is the poook. If you're seeing this, you're at the right place.


To be exact, this blog is a combination of me and my brother's. Why we chose to combine:

- It's extremely taxing to squeeze our brain juices dry just to think of a new blog layout every time.

- It's easier to manage.

- It's easier for you guys to read as well.

- Saves us time.

Mini FAQ session now..

Q: What the fuck is 'friend-less'?

A: We are so friendless that our hand phones could remain noiseless for days. Plus, (less) friends = more acquaintances (it means "hi-bye" friends). Hence the name.

Q: Why 'friend-less' instead of 'friendless'?

A: Because a retarded asshole, who doesn't know how to use the space bar, has already taken up the URL.

Q: Why is this blog WHITE, when your previous blogs are BLACK?

A: One of my brother's friends says that black is too moody. So..

Q: White is so fucking blinding at night. Can you change it?

A: Maybe.

Q: How do I tell who's posting?

A: Pry your eyes open and see who's posting at THE END OF THE POST.

Anyway, our writing styles are TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

If you can't spot the difference, then you shouldn't have eyes in the first place.

Q: Who made this blog?

A: Credits goes to kein aka my brother. Everything you see in this blog is done by him, except for the banner. It's tough on him to sit in front of the PC for hours figuring out bugs and html codes while I sit behind him reading comics :/

If you appreciate this blog, please leave some positive comments! He'll definitely appreciate it as well.

Q: I hate your blog. It's stupid/lame/useless.

A: So?

Q: HELP!! WHY CAN'T I SEE [insert object] WHEN I USE [insert web browser name] TO VIEW YOUR BLOG?????

A: My brother has already placed a notice in the menu on the left-hand side. READ.