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Thursday, October 21

The week of fire.

- kein, posted at 9:04 PM.

This is what I'd term this entire week, if I had a choice.
Why? To put it in Singaporean slang.. "whole week tio burn ah, no free time!" ;(


Other than last night when I met YL for supper, I don't think there'll be much free time this week ;p It's amazing when I think of it, but it's been so long since I've been down to Pasir Ris that I nearly forgot to alight at the correct bus stop. Gee, am I lousy or what? ;p

It was good talking with him nonetheless, and by unspoken consent we didn't bring up the topic of his recent breakup. I thought that it would've been better if I waited for him to speak of his own accord, and kept my counsel until he spoke first. The thing that made me roll my eyes was when the bloody bugger even said that he'd done the same for me back then when I'd first broken up -.- I cut him short instantly.

"@#$%! since when did you do that? dunno who was the @#$%! that made me come down to White Sands, lim kopi together and talk about the thing ah?" I grinned and gave him the finger laughingly.

Sidenote: @#$%! refers to various expletives censored for the good of innocent (?) Singaporean children who might be corrupted by this sort of language, and thereby earn me the wrath of strict parents who believe in a pure and unstained upbringing.

"aiyoooo Boyboy ah, tell you not to read this type of website liao HAR, now you go and learn this type of language and anyhow scold people private parts in hokkien!"

*Boyboy gets resounding smack on the head immediately after*


And yeah I'm working tonight, tomorrow as well as Saturday night.. ALONE.

*inserts sad smiley from the banner on top*

Oh yeah, if a smiley face's supposed to literally represent a smile, what's a sad smiley called then, a saddie? What would a pissed off expression be known as on the other hand? Perhaps an angrie ;p Right, enough of this crap, too many dumb puns makes many readers close browser windows =X

It's always close to payday when I start to countdown yet again, and begin scrimping on expenses etc.. such a sad state of affairs, sigh. I bet it happens to everyone though, so don't laugh! ;p


A blog may be by definition an online journal, where you're free to pen your thoughts without restraint. Well, that is if u used an anonymous name that didn't reveal your identity. If people you know do read your blog, unseen moral constraints appear inevitably.

It somehow reminds me of something I read long ago in quantum physics, where it's stated that it is impossible for an observer of an experiment to make an objective observation i.e. to not affect the experiment.

Sounds fun?
I didn't think so ;p I peered at Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle from thebigview.com and did.. eh?

Who's Heisenberg you ask?

He's this fellow on the left, good looking eh?
Want to know more, you say? Click on the damned link above then ;p I'm not gonna plagiarise an entire paragraph of his bio here, waste of my space grins.

And before I was so abruptly (self-)interrupted, I did some last minute reading up here at the NASA Glenn LTP about the Observer in Modern Physics, and as well. The University of Toronto's UPSCALE had this article on The Copenhagen Interpretation, also made for an interesting read on this subject.

Anyway, enough of the high and dry theories; all the talk above was to illustrate the concept of a blog. The blog may be viewed as an experiment, and the readers the observers.

However, it is impossible for the "observers" to stay neutral and objective while viewing the "experiment", since the contents of the blog will affect the thoughts of the readers no matter what, and more so if the topic of the posts are related to them directly.

Like what a good buddy of mine always liked to ask.. "So, your point is?"

The point is, writing in one's blog tends to make one tread cautiously on the line between tactfulness and being outright insulting.

Overly personal and thoughtless remarks will probably result in disrupted friendships, endless bitching, vulgarities/curses/friendship signs (i.e. the overtly friendly gesture of one's middle finger raised aloft.. tiao!) being exchanged, smashed monitors (and broken wrists/fingers), and so on.. you get the idea.

Ah, the power of words =)