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Sunday, October 31


- kein, posted at 2:01 AM.

Talk about activity-packed days, and today was definitely one of the more happening ones ever since I started work on this new job =)

- went down to HSA for my blood donation early in the morning. Fortunately I'm not afraid of needles/blood, but it seems to have gone the other extreme :X I usually gaze at the big needle going into the flesh absent-mindedly, instead of other normal folks who tend to cringe and look away at the spectacle. Not that there's any pain involved of course; the anaesthetic's already taken effect after all.

- had lunch/shopping/chitchat with SJ jie =) She really looked like a poly kid today, what with a normal tee, jeans and a haversack.. not to mention the SPECS :O It's been years since I last saw her with specs lol.
Blip of the day: I screwed up during lunch time, and locked her SIM card accidentally :X We had to call M1 to unlock her card, and I was busy impersonating as her brother so that we could bluff our way through hiaks.

- stoned at Takashimaya for two hours or so while waiting for NZ. I was part of the dumb crowd standing there watching Zoe Tay sign her way through the pile of calendars eager fans had bought at Kinokuniya today, hmm she looks good up front despite the growing pregnancy ;p Nick Shen also looked all right and was quite articulate, not to mention fluently billingual.

- listened to LS rave about her getting lost with K at Bukit Timah; it sounded like one of the highlights of her life, from the way her messages read ;p

- KTV at night with NZ, MS, XQ and SC. I've realised the truth.. 搁浅 is simply too hard to sing ;( My voice was straining its guts out at the normal parts, and sorta went to pieces at the higher notes. Sigh, more practice! Either that or get surgery for my vocal cords :X

- went home with SC on a cab, but the damn driver sortof got down the wrong expressway exit and took a whole big round to come back to our place. Bloody moron; I'd already specified the exit to get out, and the road to travel but he still managed to screw it up. Oh well, partially my fault anyway.. since I absently nodded my assent when he asked whether to exit on the road up ahead.

Something definitely felt unusual today though; can't put my finger on it yet and I think I simply cannot be bothered. I was pondering on what exactly triggered the change in attitude for a while just now though, too abnormal. Ahh, heck.

On the other hand, should the '23' idea be reinstated? Big waste of money for no good reason, and it's definitely one of the 'invest-money-into-a-black-hole-with-no-viable-returns' sort of thingy. Less than two weeks to go, I still have time to decide again eh? But three words: what's the point? I thought I'd already agreed to give up on being a moronic doormat -.-

Here's the Saturday Garfield strip for those who didn't have Straits Times.