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Friday, October 22

"With pride we lead!"

- kein, posted at 11:32 PM.

It's funny how ironic that cheer sounded, now that I think of it.
Pride? I wonder how many of the trainees had pride when they were there.
Where? Of course, the lousy place in Pulau Tekong known as SISPEC (School of Infantry Specialists).

SISPEC was my home in the army right after I passed out from BMT (Basic Military Training) in Sep/Oct '01; imagine my horror when I ended up in the very place I didn't want to be in, especially since I was vehemently against the idea of becoming a 'sar-tiao' or sergeant. I was hoping that I could get into military police or OCS (Officer Cadet School) on my own. Yep, it's hard to believe that when you look at me now, but back then kein was a naive and 'siao-on' recruit during BMT ;p

"So.. SISPEC warrior?" One of my sergeants grinned at me after I received my posting.

"Yes sergeant.." I tonelessly replied. The feeling of watching most of the other guys lug their duffel bags off Tekong only increased the gloom, making us (the so-called SISPEC warriors) feel like we'd been abandoned ;(

The feeling only got even worse after the course started. The co-operative spirit that characterised BMT had evaporated, and left everyone with a 'every man for himself' attitude. Training well and truly sucked, but it wasn't unbearably tough; it was just the fact that I grew more and more disappointed with the people around me as the weeks passed by.

One Friday night while lying in my bed, I sort of decided that I had enough. The disgust and growing knee pains made me conclude that I probably won't pass out with this bunch of guys, and I promptly headed off to report sick the following morning. That was a major crossroads in my NS life, since I'd pretty much decided not to grit my teeth and endure through the course but instead give up.

So it came to be that I finally got myself OOC-ed (out of course). That was a pleasant moment, and it got even better after I was transferred to the specialists' mess as a messboy =)

Life at the mess was definitely one of my better phases in the army. Waking up at 9 a.m., slowly reading the papers or TV till lunchtime, free sessions of pool if I felt like it, a ready kitchen to cook up snacks, readily available afternoon naps and even the occasional drink of wine late at night after we (everyone in the mess) closed up. I spent quite a few evenings sprawled on a sofa near the window, watching the new trainees (my batch had already passed out by then) stumble their way through the obstacle courses. Not to mention that I learnt more about drinking than there than I'd done in my previous 20 years of existence ;p

But I knew of course that this life wasn't a permanent one, and I'd get posted out eventually. Nevertheless, my luck continued to hold out and I got into a pretty comfortable outfit in the end ;p

But it was with a sense of relief when I stepped onto the bus heading out to the ferry terminal, and mentally bade farewell to my four months of life there; the people I got to know, and the things I experienced. I resisted a rising urge to give the finger at the place at that time; there were quite a few warrant officers on the bus grins.

And that was the last time I ever took the Tekong ferry in my NS life, phew. Good riddance.

Here's Garfield as usual, I'll prob post other strips on my next post =)