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Friday, October 22


- xtra_09, posted at 11:01 PM.

Thanks to kein for giving me the chance to blog along together with him and his brother. I am xtra09...not many people know me. And i will be known as xtra09...

I've been wanting to blog a long time ago. But the design really piss me off and i don't really know how to make it as nice as this friendless thing. Sigh. Anyway, I've hurt my right leg again today in Changkat. Simply refused to heed Yonghao's advice of resting my ankle for a month. Sadly to say, the Changkat camaderie and spirit has somehow been dissipated over the past 2 years. From the majority, we have become the minority and being invaded by a bunch of aliens. Our bodies also seem not to be able to take the toil and rigours of basketball. At the end of today, i've hurt my right leg, Rongji and Weijian both suffer from cramps. No more....the legends of Old Changkat's no more...Almost the same case with my dearest Ngee Ann...