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Tuesday, November 2


- kein, posted at 2:17 PM.

I was intending to call WJ in the afternoon about the assignment, and how it was being received by his uncle's brother. However, he called me roughly two hours after I'd tumbled into bed, and the news wasn't good.

In short, the uncle's brother (or UB) didn't find my work satisfactory, and had gone on to ask an actual design firm to do the brochure instead. WJ as usual tried to put the best light on things, but I pretty much got the idea that I sucked big time. I ranted and raved at him while we were on the phone, but cooled down after I started thinking coherently.. and so did a pretty cover letter that said the exact opposite of everything I wanted to say.

So that's how things ended up, and I rewrote my invoice to a much lower quote, passing it to him at Eunos MRT station. Upon meeting, he commented that it was his uncle and not the UB who was paying, and I ended up lowering the quote again. Feedback from him was that I'd done to little to the design, and it looked more like I'd simply slapped all the pictures onto the canvas and called it a day's work. Shrug, I reckon they hadn't heard of minimalist design yet; maybe the UB and the uncle both preferred gaudy colors and bold neon letters declaring their products? At the end of the day, I think there's still no one to blame but myself, since I was the one who couldn't perform up to their expectations ;(

I'm not sure when I'll get the money either, but I'm not really concerned about that now; after all, I burnt like twenty-odd to thirty hours of sleep just to finish the damn thing and now I'm getting like half of my targetted amount at best.

I think I'm not really cut out to do freelance, since the money issue always screws up somehow. It's not my first attempt, and something always goes wrong everytime. Be it late payment, underpayment or whatever, shit has to happen, sigh. WJ did advise me to get a better idea of understanding the client's wants next time round, and I think it's a sound principle.. IF i do freelance in future. Seriously discouraged at this point of time, dude.

But on with life, anyway. If that's what it takes to make me learn and make a better job out of it the next time round, then I'll be thankful to the UB for making this happen =) My head's already beginning to buzz with the kind of different styles that I could've done, and it's definitely time to pick up vector graphics soon.