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Saturday, November 13

friday night! :)

- kein, posted at 5:23 AM.

yep, a few pics to share with you all :)

I'd barely caught six hours of sleep before hauling my ass down to Orchard to catch 'The Forgotten' with SC a.k.a the birthday girl. Encumbered with presents (refer to first three images), flowers (yes, I'd left out pics of the damn bouquet 'cus I'd forgotten to take a proper shot, oops) and assorted crap (i.e. camera, book to occupy myself n etc), yesterday was definitely *not* kein's usual mode of handsfree travel -.-

The show was.. alright. It felt like some giant conspiracy plot but with aliens mixed inside, and scenes of humans being sucked away into the horizon like some fcuking typhoon had gotten to them. Be prepared to jump at various points of the show, they're pretty scary =) My recommendation? $6.50 show, no more.

Dinner at Billy Bomber's was fun in contrast :) With XQ, NZ, MS (who came despite being unwell) and HY around, the meal was frequently interrupted by spontaneous humor and sarcastic comments strewn around the table, while I pathetically tried to finish the humongous plate of food infront of me. It's funny how the talk keeps going on when the rest of the guys are around; it feels like we're energizing each other to carry on the chat at times, laugh.

After that? It ended up as a drinking session at O-Bar, and I was definitely king of the hill last night, drinking a lot more than anyone else in the group. I drank as a forfeit in the various games we played, and drank even when I wasn't the loser. Not that we didn't have fun, but something was really wrong with me, and I was downing the drinks like it was plain water or something. We danced (or what passed for dancing in my context) for awhile before leaving, and it felt quite relaxing; it's been quite some time since I've gone clubbing after all. I got really high at some point, but the urge to puke never came as always. I think I can continue to test my alcoholic tolerance till I really vomit my guts out one day, which'll hopefully never arrive. Funny how I detest drinking but yet be able to drink without much ill effect..

NZ and MS went home after that, and the rest of us headed down to the Fisherman's Village for an impromptu supper/breakfast, with beer as the only beverage. Ever since my brief stint in the mess @ Tekong, Tiger beer has been branded IMO as one of the most disgusting alcoholic beverages that has been ever produced; no beer for me if I can help it ;p No one'll ever drink it on a voluntary basis if not for the fact that it's cheap. (Note: IN MY FCUKING OPINION. You're entitled to worship Tiger Beer of course, just don't do it infront of me.) Nevertheless, I sourly downed my own mug and then more, before HY drove us all home.

And yep.. I'm still wide awake despite the disgustingly high alcoholic intake and I've been penning this entry for close to an hour, giving wakeup calls to NZ and MS in between. And I'm supposed to play bball later at 1400 hours? Geez.

In retrospect, the other guys seemed to be plagued by relationship problems as well. NZ have serious spats with his significant other, XQ getting unexpectedly rejected by some girl in school.. hmm what can I say man? The perils of blind love ;p

Another conclusion anyway; it seems like the fifty bucks I threw into the experiment was well worth it ;p At least I know that the idea's not feasible, and so can uphold the time-honored tradition of correct male behaviour i.e. what, not interested? NEXT! Never placed much hope on it anyway ;p

Better to concentrate on my goals while I'm still well and alive; no sense wasting my life over this type of inconsequential stuff. A night of sleeplessness the night before had finally made realise the error of my past ways, and I've pretty much resolved not to waste anymore of my remaining lifespan if I can help it, and never to regret not doing anything again.