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Sunday, November 14


- poook, posted at 2:20 PM.

No, it's not some kind of superhero.

HOTMAN is a Japanese drama with Sorimachi Takashi (aka 反町隆史) as the lead actor.

Haven't heard of him? Does Onizuka sensei from GTO ring a bell?

You know..the crazy teacher?

No? Too bad.

I'm lazy to type, so here's the synopsis from JDorama:

Takashi Sorimachi plays school art teacher, Enzo Furiya who takes care of his 5-year-old daughter of whom he has no idea who her mother is. He also lives with his four siblings whose fathers are all different. Enzo’s daughter, Nanami, suffers from severe atopic dermatitis, so he throws himself into managing her diet to alleviate her condition. He is so determined to raise the little daughter well, he doesn’t appear to have any spare time for a girlfriend. And yet Enzo finds himself drawn to Misuzu Kaneko (Akiko Yada) a health teacher at his school. Enzo pursues life passionately for his little girl and his family.

Screenshots from the show:

(Extracted from TBS)

Interested? 爸气十足(also known as 热血男儿 & HOTMAN) is currently showing on SCV, every Monday & Tuesday night.

For those who don't have SCV, you can get it here using BT(Bit torrent).

Please prepare at least 1.67GB of space if you want to download, because this torrent contains all 11 episodes! I wouldn't have realised what a good drama series this was if my brother didn't introduce it to me. Btw, HOTMAN 2 is already out!

For someone like me who doesn't watch drama series, HOTMAN is an exception. Believe me, it's definitely worth watching.

(PS. Don't ask me to send you, because I won't.)