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Monday, November 1


- ReLie, posted at 10:23 AM.

Yoz Hi~ Hey di, thanks for your invitation to add me as one of the bloggers. Hee! :) Mmm, it’s kinna crowded here with 4 bloggers rite? But what the heck? The more the merrier rite? Kekeke!

Why am I here? Well, for one, I dunno how to create a nice website, the templates looks yucky, I dun have a ready audience and I dun think I’ll post everyday. So, here I am, sharing this little pad with my didi (s).

It’s Monday! Argh…another working week again… so sian. My Monday blues got lifted up a bit after reading this email from my colleague. Haha, winner!

Need a good excuse for Thursday morning after missing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?

The Ultimate Excuse

"Look, it wasn't my fault, I was really ill with 'flu, I'd lost my voice and had a raging temperature, but I was determined to go to my grandmother's funeral, yes, she was my step-grandmother, that's why I've been to the funerals of three grandmothers, and when I was getting ready I suddenly realized that I had an appointment with the dentist at the same time, well obviously I had to call and cancel it, but when I picked up the phone the line was dead, so I went to use a neighbor's phone to report the fault, and found that I'd locked myself out of the house and I was only wearing my dressing gown, but luckily I'd left a window open on the first floor and there was a builder working nearby, so I borrowed his ladder and climbed up, but unfortunately I fell off and found myself lying in a pool of water with a searing pain in my leg, but the builder had been watching and put me in his van to go to casualty at the hospital and after waiting five hours I was told I had a hairline fracture of the ankle, which was strapped up and I got a taxi back home, only to remember I had no money on me and I couldn't get into the house, but the driver was quite accommodating, really, and helped me break down the front door, but while I was upstairs changing, someone walked in through the broken door and emptied my house of its valuables, so the police came and took details, then insisted I accompany them to the nick as I fitted the description of a man they were looking for in connection with a car crime in the area, but after twelve hours I was returned home and as it was now seven in the morning, I thought I'd come straight to work, but the bus was late and then there was a bomb scare in the city center, so I had to walk, well, limp really. Which is why you haven't seen me for three days."

Notice that excuse is all one sentence.

If you use it, make sure that you memorize it well because you need to say it fast to keep your boss from interrupting with questions.

Of course this is a joke.

I have to make sure to make that clear or else someone will show up for work on Thursday and say . . .

"Look, it wasn't my fault . . ."