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Wednesday, November 17

thinking back.

- kein, posted at 1:26 AM.

Time really flies when you don't notice it :)
All of a sudden, I'm 23 already, and working full-time. Not that I'm complaining yeah, financial freedom has its perks too, hiaks. I still miss the past years with a barely noticeable tinge of regret sometimes. The carefree days, the fun times, all the past memories ;)

So.. what have I got to show for all the past times? Let's take a look all the way back to..
1994: Secondary 1.

The beginning of everything, our first Swim Camp :) Our first lesson learnt: NEVER play with dough ever again. It took us the better part of the evening to wash that gunk out from our hair, and most of us had to throw our clothes away ;p

A shot taken during our swimming training. Everyone looked so young, gee. Then again, it WAS 10 years ago.

1995: Secondary 2.

A trip to Fantasy Island @ Sentosa; younger kids won't remember this place since it's been demolished since ;p Definitely a better place than Escape Theme Park.

1996: Secondary 3.

Happy faces in our 3rd Swim Camp; taken in one of the school classrooms we slept in.

1997: Secondary 4.

Tired and bored people at the end of the annual Swim Camp; not much of us had sleep the night before :)

1998: Alumni mode.

Despite having graduated, we came back for the annual camp nonetheless ;p E getting readied for a swim into the koi pond here.

1999: Star Cruise.

Our one (and only) trip together onboard Star Virgo :)

2000: KTV!

First KTV outing ;p Some of the guys had enlisted by that time, note the botak heads.

2001: Makan?

Dinner out at Seoul Garden before we paid a visit to our old teacher-in-charge :)

2002: Christmas dinner ;(

Definitely one of the more memorable Christmas outings, since SC forgot about festive menu sets, and each of us ended up paying in excess of 60 bucks for our food that night, hiaks.

2003: Send-off.

Sending YF off at Changi Airport. He was heading off to OZ during his NS stint, lucky chap :)

Where's 2004? I didn't find any nice pics ;p Feeling quite tired anyway, time to head off to bed! Past days are but fond memories that'll sustain me throughout the days now, and future. Time to look forward, as always.