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Monday, December 27

Freedom of speech?

- kein, posted at 1:37 AM.

Found this thread by delinux14 in HardwareZone forums, makes for quite an interesting read although I don't think the government'll agree hiaks ;) Copied it over here incase the contents're locked over at the forums. Enjoy!


Come Jan 1, 2005, downloading mp3s will become illegal. Bus fares will increase, university fees increase and we are still not allowed to chew a piece of rubber because a stupid bugger stuck one in the bloody MRT TEN years ago. Yep and when sporeans complain, what do they do? They build a casino so they can make us bankrupt faster. Our ministers say, "DONT EVEN THINK OF ENTERING IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED INCOME." Yes man, welcome to Singapore of two-oh-oh-five.

Now i am a PAP supporter because I have no choice. Our opposition is **** and the gahment sues the mangkok that dares to question them. That Singh lawyer is always on stand-by 24/7 three-six-five days a year waiting to bang some backside in the courtroom. Speakers Corner my LJ. Standing up there is like free frag for the PAP sharpshooters. It is sad. Our potential talents are moving overseas and getting replaced by Chinamen from PRC who says we Sporeans are filled with pig swills. And they get PAID to study here, eat here, f**k here and then after finish studyin, they **** off to their kampung. NICE MOVE PAP. As if that is not enough, they still wana invite FT(foreign talent) so that sporeans can 'upgrade' themselves. The ANG MOHS live in Sixth Avenue with houses that look like Camelots while we Singaporeans live in our Highly Dangerous Building (HDB). They drive Ferraris while we take the MRT. Then they take our jobs. As if that is not enough, they f**k our girls too.

People say Spore Gahment has no corruption. Yes, which is why our ministers earn over $1m a year while we sporeans slog like slaves til we lie shrivelled and starved and bone replaces skin. Our girl MP (forgot the name is it Dr Lily Neo?) used to drive a 4-litre Jaguar and then an Alfa Romeo and then a Mercedes. That is already the biggest corruption ever. Then they hold their annivesary (not Singapore govt's anniversary but PAP anniversary) at the entire Indoor Stadium, with all the works. Cost? No one knows because no one has the balls to ask.

And where do they get the money? GST, ERP, and the taxes we pay every year. They must be very happy next year. Bus fares gonna increase and then NUS also increasing their fees. More money to the coffers while our pockets become more miserable.

Then theres the mp3 issue. CANNOT dl mp3, CANNOT distribute mp3 everything CANNOT. You get fined $1k for every megabyte of song you download. I have 1000+ songs. News headlines "19-year old fined $10,000,000. He says he can't pay". Bravo. What do we expect next? Thats what we get for signing that FTA. FREE TRADE AGREEMENT. Yeah rite, wtf is free in this world? What you get for free you pay it with your balls LATER. RIAA in the States is suing 10-year old kids because they have a Britney Spears mp3 on their harmless lil iMAC. So they say, "the recording companies are losing money", very CORRECT i agree. But they hand out million-dollar contracts to artists like Ashlee Simpson or Yellowcard who sing ****. Where do they get the money? Picture this. The artist only has to sing once and all the recording company has to do is buy blank $1 CD-R, record the singing, add a few ****ty words on the cover and you get the album which costs $20+. Give $1 to the artist, $0.50 for advertising and the rest they keep. The truth is, people still buy albums. Correct interpetation - "They are only having less profits." Its a farce. I have no probs buying an album but ONLY if i choose the songs i want. The Metallica St Anger album which i took the trouble to order was the biggest pile of crap that ever laid on my poor ears. So which is more wrong? Downloading mp3s or punishing a ten-year old for an amount of money he has yet to see let alone touch?

Yes and theres the bloody casino which they're gonna build next. How about Sentosa Prison next to it? Singaporesn are already habitual gamblers. Singapore Pools, toto, 4D are addictions and now they've discovered the Fourth Horseman by building a casino. Singaporeans are crazy about their Yusof Ishaks. Not him but his face. We gamble away $5b in Genting, how much more if we have just one on our soil? Families split up, sue themselves crazy everyday over money issues. Read the papers everyday, turn to Home and w/o a doubt you'll see a full-blown sensational soap opera where families go to court because the poor deceased old man didnt write his will properly. He must be stamping his feet in his grave. Not only that, you see people getting chased by parangs because they failed to pay the Ah Long Sans. Some nuts even kill themselves because of a few miserly dollars. Singaporeans are Kiasu and Kiasee. Kiasee to lose what they can have and kiasu because they can never have enough.Yeah and then we ask ourselves how come Msians dun face these kinda moral problems with their Genting. Simple, because they have NO money. No Money = No talk = No problems.

PM LEE said "Innovation and Entreprenuership is the key for 21st century." Well our young lads are interpreting this all wrong. They think they can become Bill Gates overnite if they think "outside the box". Problem is, inside the box is plain and empty, like their brains. Some even say no need study can earn money. See Sim Wong Hoo. I only have this to say - be a monk. Thats the only way. Stand outside the temples so those ppl who;ve come to pray for riches can give you their loose change from buying 4D and Toto. You sit down the whole day and then you get to eat also. Only con is you cant think of girls or the cute nun next door. If you do you will go to hell.

So we have the PUB (Pay Until Bankrupt), PAP (Pay and Pay) etc and then we also have the "everything also cannot" laws that keeps the chains of the Spore slaves firm and taut. Cannot litter because CWO scares us. Then also, cannnot chew gum because wait some auntie step on it then she scream and shout at the gahment how? ERP, GST, COE, things you have to worry before u even go to ROM. Must go EM1 and then musnt go ITE. In The End, havee to go NUS or NTU or SIM or SMU. Have degree also have to slog like hell just to earn our keep. Worse still, we might end up selling porridge. Stress, slavery and scared. It is truly a great time to be a Singaporean.