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Monday, December 20

a week-long vacation.

- kein, posted at 1:55 AM.

My break's ending in a few days' time, and I've certainly stuffed my days to the max.
Here's a recap of stuff some stuff I did.

- billiard sessions w/ E.
- restarting gym sessions w/ XQ.
- starting self learning on CCNA syllabus, tough going.
- delivery of S's Christmas presents to the rest of the group in almost a single day. Why me? Good question but no answer.
- heading down to O-Bar on Saturday night w/ S and E.
- completing Fable, and buying several other second hand games from online auctions and forums i.e. Genma Onimusha, Dark Alliance and Dark Alliance II.
- taking photographs of the Christmas displays @ Orchard Road just now.
- catching 'Ocean's Twelve' at GV Tampines. Conclusion: DON'T WATCH IT. You'll go WTF?! when the ending comes, but the cinematography & music *ARE* quite good.
- losing sleep over all the abovementioned activities. I'm seriously, seriously close to conking out right now, since I only had like 4 hours of sleep the previous night (due to clubbing), played bball real hard this morning, and was mostly out of the house till after midnight. If there's an Iron Man Challenge going on, I'll most definitely be a competitor.

Pictures? I haven't even settled the BBQ pics, much less today's stuff. Hope I'll be energetic enough to finish editing and upload 'em by tomorrow. Gotta open new bank account, edit pics, study hmm.