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Sunday, January 16


- kein, posted at 9:04 PM.

Voila, my latest acquisition! ;) I've always liked Mayday aka 五月天.

神的孩子都在跳舞: I took a peek inside the enclosed booklet, and found that the English translation for this was.. Falling angels with a flying soul.


Hopefully I got that wrong.

Anyway, it's been admittedly quite a few years since I've bought any audio CD, but I'm glad that I bought this one. (Of course, the fact that I bought it at $7.50 online was another plus factor.)

Mine had 14 tracks in total, with a remixed version of the popular 温柔, and an instrumental track aptly titled 神的孩子都在跳舞. The track had a childish air to it, with the faint reminder of carnival music :) Short, but pretty cute. 约翰蓝侬 was the track I liked best in all, though it took me a while to translate the title as John Lennon, the long deceased Beatle member. All I can say is, the music and rhythm somehow's reminiscient of some other music I've heard before. Deja vu? Hmm. I also enjoyed 孙悟空 and 圣诞夜惊魂 alot, but the rest of the unmentioned tracks are good too ;) Overall, no regrets buying this CD ;p

Lyrics for 孙悟空 as follow, the lyrics were too contemporary and funny, and it'd be a waste if I didn't post it grins.

西天取经回来后 有没有人有读过

师父每年都会寄卡片来问候 五百张了算多不算多
金箍棒那么神勇 现在只能掏掏耳朵

齐天大圣是我 谁能奈何了我
但是我却依然不小心 败给了寂寞

如果要让我活 让我有希望的活(请给我快乐苦痛)
我从不怕爱错 就怕没爱过

如果能有一天 再一次重返光荣
记得找我 我的好朋友

好色本性多隽永 好像时间从来没走

西天取完了经 东边应该还有
夥伴们好不好 让我们 再拯救地球