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Tuesday, January 11


- kein, posted at 1:19 AM.

It's another routine night at work, and here I am once again, slouching in the chair and trying to type the proper way with all ten fingers instead of my usual eight-fingered style. Despite some practice at the typing tutor software stuff, I'm still not quite getting the hang of it -.-

The MSN messenger seems to have gotten a grudge against me after my long hiatus from work; it's doing its very best to disconnect itself every minute. So if you see me in MSN fcuking around, (i.e. in/out/in/out) chances are that it's not me, but my MSN ;p And I thought that I'll be able to IM in peace after getting rid of ICQ ('cus it tended to illegal op itself everytime anyone female messaged me. Great huh?) Shit never stops happening, it's just the size of it that differs :)

Times like this make me wish the office comp was using Windows 2000 or XP instead of crappy 98. But hey, beggars can't be choosers, especially when corporate Windows licenses cost like a zillion dollars per terminal ;p No to mention the fact that 98 sucks. Alrite, so Windows suck in general, but shrug I haven't gotten to my Linux box education yet so whaddahecks.

Reading the other blogs in general's made me feel like I'm one of the few unfeeling arses who hasn't bothered to blog about the tsunami, hmm. Well, they've said enough without me chipping in a few more pieces of uninspirational crap. Like what I've always felt: if you've nothing good to say, then kindly shuddup.

I've just discovered that I've blabbered on for like four paragraphs without saying anything useful, grrrrreatttt ;p I really should change that pic on the left though, the hair color's wrong, and my hairstyle's dependent on whether I'm.. 1) rotting at home: dishevelled, 2) having fun outside: styled with gel, 3) working: de facto side parting. Heck, as if anyone gives a damn about that crappy image ;)

Just got around to downloading GIMP today, guess I'll be trying it out on Friday or the coming weekend ;p It's supposed to be one of the better opensource image utilities around, and since I've banned myself from Adobe Photoshop, I'd better get something to replace it, same like what I did with M$ Office.

One thing that's for certain, I think I'll definitely be cutting down on me clubbing/drinking activities right after the Hari Raya session that's currently in planning. I've never really liked drinking anyway, and I've decided that there's a limit to how much I can bother about others, and so there. Same ought to go for billiard, but nah, it's not like billiard's that expensive ;p

One thing interesting though; if you're purely counting my group of buddies, I'm definitely the mad one. Some eschew drinking-clubbing, others don't fancy billiard. A few aren't fond of KTV, another one doesn't bowl, most of 'em have given up on sports, and quite a few don't read. (Be it comics, novels or whatever.) It's a general mix of will and will-nots, but yeah you get the idea.

Me? I'm on for everything. That is, if you exclude mahjong ;p My major Achilles heel, grins.

Bored. Will blog again when I'm even more bored ;p Lemme see if I've got it right; bored of blogging so I'm distracting myself with other activities, so that I'll be sufficiently bored by those stuff later to blog again. *DUH*