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Sunday, February 27

just another weekend :)

- kein, posted at 2:00 AM.

Blogstipation's over for now! But hmm, where to begin? Perhaps from Friday night :)

So I went down for the bball match, and in conclusion.. we lost :( It was a kinda touch and go thing actually, but we'd lost quite a few points in the first quarter thanks to their fast breaks, and the full court one on one marking (in the last four minutes of the game) was definitely a no-go; all it did was to widen the gap. Maybe Alan was right with his 'too many cooks' theory, but oh well, IMO it couldn't be helped. (Lazy to paraphrase it here, refer to his blog for details) Darryl was truly on form though, with his four of four three pointers, whistle :) Really well done. Me? I was blissfully watching the match, and my jersey was soooooo dry when the match ended. Toldja I'm a bench player, winks.

JL began to talk about God (he'd converted recently) during our supper after the match, and we ended up talking for a bit on that, got up, stoned abit.. and walked off to another coffeeshop to sit down and continue the theological debate. Uh uh, don't look at me, I wasn't involved in it! :) As an self-confessed atheist, I believe that I don't have the required amount of belief needed to make the leap of faith to believe in Christianity ;p I'd more than enough practice with YL in our past kopi sessions. JL was talking with YL at first, and later on ZY stepped into an impassioned one on one debate with JL. Alan, YL and I decided to start our own topic after that ;p NOMFB (i.e. None Of My Fcukin' Business), like I always say, and we headed back for home only at about 0340hrs, when everyone got zonked out -.-

Like the title says, today was just another typical go-out kinda thing. Met LS at City Hall and crawled down to Suntec's Swiss Culture for lunch. (It's near Sky Garden, if you know where that is. You know, the outdoor thingy on the top floor near Tower Records?)

*Note to SJ jie: place looks familiar? I ate there 'cus we always walked past that place to the one we always have dinner at, the place always looked kinda goot to me ;p

A snap of the place :) Looks pretty neat eh?

The menu and sample dishes outside. We had the set lunch (yeah the $16.80+ shit written on the blackboard) as recommended by the nice lady standing there.

Started out with the cauliflower soup. Hmm.. neutral opinion on soups in general, and this one wasn't disgusting anyway. Didn't really taste like cauliflower tho'.

"Huh, simis?" O.o

LS with her chicken pasta, resplendent with resigned expression. I had a bite, chicken tasted like leftover Carona Chicken. *fail*

My chicken bratwurst, or else known as pasta-with-a-German-sausage-and-assorted-veggies. The pasta's good if you like the buttery kinda taste, and sausage didn't taste half bad :) Should give it a try.

Dessert? Blueberry cake. Not too bad, tasted like.. blueberry cake ;p No shots of LS's tiramisu 'cus she polished half of it off before I could take a decent shot, but it tasted like the average tiramisu out there. It seemed like I was destined to be the last person eating from her tiramisu cup, 'cus the waiter promptly dropped + smashed it right after that. Oops?

Windowshopped around Suntec, with LS looking for some white Esprit polo tee with a tiny bow-wielding cherub, and upon failure.. consequently checking out every other white polo tees along every other shop -.- (Personally I dislike polo tees intensely, that's why I wear them to work.) I'd hung myself out to dry with the G2000 splurge recently though, so it was all look and no touch for me. Look Swarovski crystals, look Casio Cockpit series watch, look nice shirts here and there, leave the wallet out of it.

Caught Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events in the evening. Catch Jim Carrey in his maniacal impersonations, he truly excels at what he does ;) I was chuckling throughout the movie at his antics. You'll be exclaiming at how cute Sunny (the toddler) is, and laughing at the quips she makes. (She's actually just babbling, but the translated gist is on subtitles. Nice subbing, I'll say.)

In summary, the plot's a shithappens (my favourite theme) sorta movie about three
kids whose parents died, and how their guardian Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) tries to
wrest their inheritance from them. Need a better summary, look here.

Definitely one of the better movies I've watched recently :) Short, but you'll surely enjoy it, believe me ;p

Well, it was nearly four hours after the lunch at Swiss Culture, so the stomach was complaining for food right after the movie ;p I had a 25% coupon to spare for Pizza Hut anyway (as usual), so we tried the Rich Gold Crust Delight Meal that was on promotion.

Big basket of prawn crackers; but it seemed like the poor keropok had been in the open for like ten years. Tasted like crap. In Singlish? "lao hong liao la!"

Ever seen a glass of Coke? Well actually this one's nothing special, it was just a shot taken in a bored moment ;p

The Rich Gold Crust Delight Hawaiian Regular Pizza. Whew, long name eh? Blardy hell. What's the funny yellow looking ring before the crust, you ask? It's sweet potato -.-
No, don't ask. It's bad.

It tasted so bad to LS that she dissected the sweet potato chunk, the crust and the main portion heh. Do the pineapple chunks look like eyes and a nose? Our way of having fun while eating ;p

I gave the sweet potato several chances though. To be exact, five chances.. since I ate like five slices. But it still didn't make the cut, bleh. *fail*

Aftermath: my dessert. Watermelon, watermelon and more watermelon. Note the uneaten yellow sweet potato still on LS's plate on the far end ;p

Why watermelon only, you ask? The bottom right molar hurt too badly after my dental yesterday to chew on anything more substantial. To be more precise, I was eating with only the left half of me mouth the entire day, bleargh. Was kidding just now that my mouth'll be overdeveloped on the left side in time to come and I'll have a permanent swollen jaw ;p

And yeah, I've bought Jay Chou's Incomparable Concert 2004 DVD! or in Chinese, 周杰伦2004无与伦比演唱会 Live DVD :O Panicked for a moment when my TV threw me a blank screen upon loading the DVD, but after a moment, I noticed that my TV was connected to the Xbox instead of the DVD player -.- Smart. Anyway, watched till my eyes nearly fell out just now, 1hr 45mins worth of ultra clear footage. Love his vocals in 搁浅 as always, and 倒带 was good tho he mixed up most of the lyrics. DVD rocks man, don't ever get the VCD. Forget about the pictorial included in the VCD, you'll just chuck it into a corner eventually. Go for quality! ;p

That's all, bball tomorrow! And work tomorrow.. crap. Luckily I'll be working with PR, wouldn't be that bored with her to gossip chit chat.

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Friday, February 25


- kein, posted at 5:45 PM.

Judging from the title, you can already conclude that I'm either:
- bored.
- sleepy.
- bored and sleepy.

Due to financial constraints, I've been uncharacteristically cooping myself at home and stoning, thereby boring the shit out of myself for the past few days. Sucked, really, really sucked.

Well, at least I've wrapped up a chapter in CCNA.. and plowed through Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire AND Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Considering that the CCNA chapter's only like forty odd pages, and the Harry Potter books add up to like a thousand or so pages, it's really an unbalanced proportion isn't it? :X Can tell that I haven't been studying too hard, for one.

But like I told myself at midnight today: languish no more, the torture is overrr.. payday has come! If only -.-

I'd run my bank account into a deficit last month, so it'll be good to restrain myself a little, sighs. Less splurging, more healthy activities i.e. SPORTS. Gonna be taking my IPPT in June anyways, it'll be good to start training on the much-hated 2.4km run.

Enough of this rubbish, think I'm running into blogstipation soon too. Spouting loads of aimless trash here, bleh.

Got a basketball match waiting for me later at 8 p.m., but it's gonna be a relaxing night anyways 'cus I'm a bench player ;p Haven't played bball in like two weeks man, hope I don't play too badly if I get time on the court ;) *anticipation*

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Wednesday, February 23

assorted crap.

- kein, posted at 2:26 AM.

Didn't know that snowflakes act in a military fashion too, grins.

Ramble #1
Perhaps I'm kinda mental, but it ab-so-lute-ly irks me whenever I see people making all sorts of errors in their writing, like when me brother was working hard on his psychology report just now. Not really his fault, since it's his first time doinga report, and he's rushing to wrap things up, but. The fingers itch, the temper builds.. the temptation to rectify things is truly uncontrollable. I see survey spelt as survery, reciprocate as reprociate, blah blah blah, and the spellchecker in my brain goes wild.

Best of all? I still do it even though I know it irritates people enormously, gees. What an bloody asshole of a perfectionist I make, and 'tis not like I don't make mistakes myself.

Ramble #2
Some random crap I wrote in the handphone while waiting for E at supper just now.
"Stifling a yawn, I blinked and glanced around, the iced tea neglected. Neatly stacked canned drinks inside the coffeeshop returned my stare. Incomprehensible music continued to play, I continued to wait."

Just a dumb depiction of the stuff around me, and this took me like nearly five minutes to write. *shakes head* I suck.

Ramble #3
Just finished watched Honey on DVD (on loan from S last weekend) and it's not too bad ;) Jessica Alba looks great inside, one good reason to watch ;p Kinda chick flick mode, but the dance moves are kewl man. Should rent the VCD or something if you're interested in dance.

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Tuesday, February 22

yada yada yada.. blah blah blah.

- kein, posted at 4:54 AM.

Right, so it's nearly 5 a.m. and I've nothing better to do. I'm done with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, everything's nice and peaceful and I'm left with listening to music while munching on Pringles that some dumbass kind soul left in the pantry; prob the same idiot friendly fellow who left the bak gua behind during the weekend. (Yep, I've polished that off too, incase you were wondering.)

Did some checks and just realised the next Harry Potter book's titled Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, here's some info on it. And the hardcover release date's July 16 this year, whistles.. 2 days after me birthday, seems damn far off. Wonder when the paperback of that book'll be out tho, hmm. A year or so? Guess I'll borrow the hardcover from other buddies in the meantime ;p

(And whoever's reading this, don't get me the hardcover of the book ;p It'll cause severe trauma to my collection of paperbacks grins.)

Feeling bored? 99music.net offers a wide range of free streaming music (which means you gotta be online for it to work, oops) for people who want to have a feel of how new releases sound like, be they English or Mandarin songs. It needs RealPlayer to work, and though it might only offer 32kbps music, it is free so what else can you ask for? ;)

Listening to 张学友's 她来听我的演唱会 right now; brings me back to my poly days when I first heard it. It seems all so far away, and so long ago. The melody of the guitar and Jacky's vocals, along with the lyrics that form such a simple, but yet.. unforgettable song. Good to sing along to on a quiet night :)

Alright, so you're all set to enjoy free music, but nothing to occupy the eyes? Fear not ;p Here comes an interesting blog by Design about his journey from a proverbial Nice Guy to the Don Juan ;)

If that isn't to your taste, there's always Be-Labo Salon for guys who're interested in looking for inspiration in funky Japanese hairstyles ;p

Or maybe checkout Pixelated Moments and Eyes of the W-1 if you're an avid shutterbug; these are photoblogs of me friends armed with much more decent cameras than my aging A40 ;p

Still not satisfied? I've run out of links for now; the list of my websites-to-look-when-you're-bored are sitting in the home comp ;p Will post again when I get bored enough.

And oops, it's YL's 24th birthday today! Do head over to his blog and tag some birthday wishes if you aren't too busy ;) He didn't want any presents, claiming that it wasn't necessary.. plus the fact that it'll absolve him of any obligations to get us any birthday gifts in return. (See how far laziness can take you?) So.. I guess this is all I'm gonna do.

Which reminds me, there's three more birthdays coming up in March -.-

*looks at bank account balance and shakes head sadly*

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Sunday, February 20

Courses for women ;)

- kein, posted at 9:36 PM.

Well, I'm finally back at work and best of all, I'll be working alone tonight and tomorrow night, zz. I'd thought to go for bball in the morning, but I slept at 5 a.m., and considering the fact that I'd work later.. I gaveup on bball and chose sleep ;(

.. kinda regretting it now.

Saw this one on a mailing list, and it was just too funny for me not to post it up ;)

Women Education Courses
Women think they already know everything, but wait...training courses
are now available for women on the following subjects:

1. Silence, the Final Frontier: Where No Woman Has Gone Before
2. The Undiscovered Side of Banking: Making Deposits
3. Parties: Going Without New Outfits
4. Man Management: Minor Household Chores Can Wait Till After Game
5. Bathroom Etiquette I: Men Need Space in the Bathroom Cabinet Too
6. Bathroom Etiquette II: His Razor is His
7. Communication Skills I: Tears - The Last Resort, not the First.
8. Communication Skills II: Thinking Before Speaking
9. Communication Skills III: Getting What you Want Without Nagging
10. Driving a Car Safely: A Skill You CAN Acquire
11. Telephone Skills: How to Hang Up
12. Introduction to Parking
13. Advanced Parking: Backing Into a Space
14. Water Retention: Fact or Fat
15. Cooking I: Bringing Back Bacon, Eggs and Butter
16. Cooking II: Bran and Tofu are Not for Human Consumption
17. Cooking III: How not to Inflict Your Diets on Other People
18. Compliments: Accepting Them Gracefully
19. PMS: Your Problem . . . Not His
20. Dancing: Why Men Don't Like To
21. Classic Clothing: Wearing Outfits You Already Have
22. Household Dust: A Harmless Natural Occurrence Only Women Notice
23. Integrating Your Laundry: Washing It All Together
24. Oil and Gas: Your Car Needs Both
25. TV Remotes: For Men Only

*Caught Million Dollar Baby w/ S last night while E (not to be confused with the E who posts comments, that's another schoolmate) and his friends were watching Constantine; sad ending for Hilary Swank ;( Not a bad movie IMO, even if you're not into boxing.

(For the uninformed, IMO = In My Opinion. NZ kinda reminded me on Saturday bball that not everyone used to be an IRC addict like yours truly, and had tons of dumb acronyms sitting in the brain. Oops?)

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Saturday, February 19


- kein, posted at 1:57 AM.

Today, or rather yesterday (since it's already nearly 2 a.m. now) has really been a fun day for me ;)

It all started with me chancing upon this in HWZ forums:

So LS and I took time out, heading down Holland V's Haagen Dazs for the buffet today.
Bo liao right? ;p

Anyway, we only found out that the a la carte dishes weren't available on a buffet basis, bleh. So.. we ended up sharing a Fondue.

Looks nice right? Fruits and ice cream cubes dipped in chocolate and nuts, yum ;)

Me shoving a strawberry ice cream cube into the mouth. :O

But since ice cream alone couldn't very well settle my missed breakfast+lunch alone, I ended up eating at Breko's down the street; LS claimed that she'd enough with the ice cream just now. Or is it one of those weird 'watch-your-weight' things that girls have? Shrugs.

Beef cheddar sandwich and a regular iced tea! ;p

The slight drizzle that begun earlier on had petered off, and left the afternoon sun shining ;) Felt really great to be lazing there chomping away at my sandwich and idling, grins. Maybe that's why the sandwich tasted especially good, laugh.

Snap of the receipt ;p Proof of purchase!

Ah.. 2 beers for $10? Too bad I'm not into beer guzzling ;) Not to mention that 'tis too early for that.

Hopped onto a bus and left for Orchard after I was done, and wandered all over Takashimaya and Heeren windowshopping ;) Fortunately nothing caught me eye, else I'd be splurging yet again :X LS ended up buying a top @ Bodynits tho, looks nice and is quite a steal at 50% off ;p No photos on this part, lazy to snap while walkin' around ;p We did bump into another junior of mine Y tho. Whee, and she was on her way to a modelling audition ;p She looks goot I must say, much different from the cadet I used to see back in my secondary school days.

Dinner was at this Thai restaurant called Lemon Grass at Heeren; and I was stuffed after that ;p Just look.

Sambal kangkong, Thai honey chicken and seafood tomyam clear soup. Decent proportions for two people, but horrendous when the ratio's 1.5 to 0.5 ;p
*note: keropok compliments of the house, but I didn't test if it was free flow :X

"Lemme take a drink before I continue.."

Bwahaha, we managed to clear everything on the table ;p I couldn't chew sotong very well with me braces tho, so that was left out. I didn't bother with polishing off the keropok as well ;p Kinda full at that point. Those aside, the food was pretty decent ;)

Hmm, Evian's 2005 new mineral water bottle on display. O.o

Proof of purchase #2 ;p Cheap isn't it, for a meal of two? Lucky we had the Heeren Card's 15% discount ;)

LS & me; taken by the helpful restaurant guy over there ;p

It was a slow MRT/feeder bus trip to Suntec after that, since Orchard Road's been blocked up for the Chingay rehearsal. And man, it seemed like everyone's dying to watch Constantine tonight ;p Only the first row was available, blehs. Alternative? We walked over to Shaw Tower instead -.- Lousier sound system and seats, but plenty of seats fortunately ;)

Constantine's a good show IMO; less complex than the Matrix plot, and since it's mostly based on stuff from Christianity, it was alot more familiar to me, and definitely easier on digestion grins. Albeit familiar stuff, but yet unfamiliar storyline. I didn't know that Mammon was the Devil's son though, thought he was one of the 9 Kings of Hell or something hmm. Did they twist it somewhere along the line? The effects were good, but one thing I absolutely hated was Keanu Reeves' mumbling. I'd to strain my ears to catch the dialogue at times, and trust me.. for this show, listening to the talk is half the understanding.

A shot of Suntec, taken from the bus stop we were stoning at. Nice? ;p

Movie ticket, taken on the damn rocking bus back home with LS dozing away.

And that's about all ;) Time to catch some Z's!

P.S: Did I mention that Finding Neverland's good? Caught it w/ SJ jie last night, so I think I didn't ;p Anyway.. Finding Neverland's gooooodddddddddd. Catch it if you haven't! Bring more tissue if you're watching with a female ;)

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Friday, February 18

how (bad) does it sound?

- kein, posted at 1:33 AM.

Here's a version of Jay's An Jing I recorded yesterday ;p

Click here and follow the link to download.

Comments, anyone?

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Thursday, February 17

the part where i always go duh.

- kein, posted at 1:06 AM.

So I kinda like spent half the day at SAFRA just now; bowling/billiard with colleagues WK and PR, then wandering around Tampines Central before jumping back to SAFRA for billiard (again?) with E and JH. Who's JH then? Prob no one really cares who he is, but shrug I'm the one doing the writing, so ;p

Anyway, JH's one of my primary school mates who'd flown off to OZ in '03 for further studies, but miraculously reappeared in the SAFRA billiard lounge just now ;p Can't say that I was really surprised at seeing him, since the billiard lounge's one of his favourite haunts even during our NS days grins. OZ's made him put on some weight tho. Nah, make that *alot* of weight ;)

(Sidenote to QL and whoever else's from 6/3: yeah it's THAT JH, the one who used to laugh madly all day long, and still does now lol.)

E, JH and I ended up playing a few games together later on, but JH still emerged as the champion, thanks to his "training from Wed to Sun every week over there", as he put it. Geez, nothing better to do but play billiard all day long? -.- *shivers* He's leaving SG by the 26th this month tho, back to OZ for his education of.. billiard? ;) At least it seems that way to me lol.

But all of those's not really related to the main title.. so lets fast forward!

E and I had dinner (if you could call it that..) at the bloody Muslim kopitiam at 201 where they had 24hr roti prata, so I had like one egg prata and two kosong pratas for dinner, and a bloody cup of teh-o peng aka iced tea that would turn you from a normal human into a hardcore diabetic instantly -.-

Crap, but it wasn't my idea.

I was rambling about everything in general just now, about work stuff, personal stuff, boliao stuff. It wasn't the first time, but everytime I talked about going out with female friends (be she single OR attached), E would inevitably ask that question.

"Why never go chase her?"

All right, so here's the part where I go


Following that query, the automatic reaction from me brain'll be one word.

"nabei." (For the non-locals, it's an expletive which doesn't translate.)

Of course, I didn't scream that out loud. Instead, I'd have to bullshit my way through the reasons why I didn't (look onto the girl as a suitable prospect). Man, so long as there's a live and remotely presentable female within my social circle, does it mean that I've to go and hit on her? -.-

I know it sorta translates into concern from a friend, but geez, the wonders of being single. I'm not that desperate for a girlfriend, please. All well's and good if I have, fcukit if I don't la, argh. Don't have will die si bos? Sometimes really fcukin' beh tahan.

Righto, end of me boliao rant for now, time to z. It's a busy day ahead!

(Or maybe I should try getting past the Gauntlet mode in Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance so that I can unlock Drizzt Do'Urden hmm..)

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Tuesday, February 15

the return of the tagboard.

- kein, posted at 1:44 AM.

I had something called Tagboard once, but it lagged my stupid blog so badly that I commented the code out, crap.

Alrite, so this new one's called doodleboard but who cares :) So long as it doesn't lag and provides a space for people to leave comments I don't really care what it's called ;p

Not much to write since I've been sleeping most of the day away and rampaging on the Xbox the entire night with Stan, so goodnight people! :)

(or should I say.. good morning? It's already close to 2 a.m. after all.)

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Monday, February 14

what a day.

- kein, posted at 1:46 AM.

(For the record, I haven't slept since after waking up on Saturday noon. And it's Monday morning now, so.. I've been awake for more than 24hrs?)

Stoned my way through Saturday night, savouring the Naruto manga scans I'd brought along to minimise the boredom of work. Miraculously enough, I didn't sleep at all that night; perhaps the manga was too engrossing ;)

Went down to the CC for the usual 3 hour bball session straight after that ;p I sucked as usual in the games, but at least I got the jerseys for the upcoming bball match.

Met up with WK, headed down to another colleague's place for one of those CNY gatherings. Nice big living room, but the bedrooms remind me of storerooms -.- cramped. CT was nice enough to give us a lift back to Tampines, grins :)

Went for a brief stint of window shopping w/ SJ jie, and she went over to my place for angpao collection ;p Didn't know how much that contained tho, hiaks :) Did take some pics, but she protested against me revealing her true features here on me blog, so.. no pics ;p

Cycled down straight to WY's place to meet S & NZ; turned out that YF & MS were there too, surprise surprise ;) YF's flying off this week back to OZ, back to school life yet again.

(L to R) me, NZ, YF, second row MS, S, WY.

Watched endless blackjack and dai-dee carry on, till E arrived.

Short bowling session with S and E @ SAFRA, before we headed back home. S was ranting about E spoiling her blue rose on Valentine's Day last year, made me chuckle just to think of it.

And here I am, uploading the photos, sendin' them out to everyone and not sleeping yet. Not to mention dumping the Naruto anime episodes and other assorted shit onto S's portable HDD, and burning the mp3s of Mayday and assorted duets that NZ/MS wanted.

WTF? -.-

Think I need to get some sleep soon, really running on fumes.

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Friday, February 11

took the words right outta my mouth.

- kein, posted at 10:42 PM.

I wasn't really intending to write another post, but this one's really good IMO. I was poring through the barrage of emails on a WOT (read: Wheel of Time) list I subscribe to, and this OT (aka off topic) post stopped me right there. It was like, "That's exactly what I'm talking about!"

Before I knew it, I'd logged into Blogger and begun typing away.

Here's what Justin wrote:

".. I want a girl who won't constantly have to be in her comfort zone. I
want to try a new dish at a restaurant, take a walk through a
neighborhood I've not seen, take a trip to a place I know nothing about,
go to a concert for a type of music I'm not used to.

I don't like to always be "safe". I enjoy spontaneity. Throw me a change
up, pull my chair out from under me.

I think the perfect woman is one that will happily try something she's
thoroughly convinced she won't enjoy. Don't think you like Chinese food?
Try this dish I made. Don't know how you feel about modern art? Let's
take a trip to an art museum. Scared of heights? Let's go skydiving.

Obviously, there're a lot more details I'd hope for, but that's the
biggest one. I think if you can go into any situation thinking it's
going to be a learning experience and hoping for the best, you're
already open-minded, wise to an extent, and probably fun.

We might be on opposing ends of the world, but he's probably on the same wavelength that I am ;)

updated: n yeah, today's Dilbert is pretty funny; to me at least ;p

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- kein, posted at 9:05 PM.

As promised last night ;p

Stoning at Cineleisure's Long John Silver's.
(L to R) Nick, me, MS, S, NZ.

At the bloody restaurant/cafe in Cineleisure that has cakes displayed and cosy couches, and incidentally causes you to walk an entire round to go up the next floor because you can't walk through it ;p
(L to R) XQ, S, MS, NZ.

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Thursday, February 10


- kein, posted at 9:12 PM.

Had another one of those weird oddball dreams as usual after reaching home at 4+ a.m. and concussing into bed straight thereafter.

The dream wasn't really new (aka different subplot same theme), and it's even kinda funny 'cus I got up a few times in between (to slap the alarm off, reply to SMSes and such) and yet the same dream continued from where it left off as soon as I got back to sleep. You ever experienced this kinda thing before? Too bad I didn't get to see how it ended, but it got me thinking while I played 1-on-1 w/ NZ in the morning, and I continued to muse throughout lunch, absentmindedly punctuating my thoughts with chilli sauce and fries while NZ continued golfing away on his Gameboy Advanced.

Does a desire to protect someone and see her safe always equate to liking her?

Took me a while.. but NAH.

The definitions don't seem to match up, do they? Certainly not, in my context ;p

How was CNY for everyone anyway? Other than catching up with friends and watching Bayside Shakedown 2 (Japanese action/comedy flick) PLUS the preview of Howl's Moving Castle (fantasy anime, not bad plot) last night, nothing much for me. My eyes were doing their best to pop out of the sockets when we were done watching Howl's Moving Castle at 4 a.m. tho -.- Think I'm not cut out for movie marathons.. not with contact lenses anyway.

On a sidenote, it really was rather fortunate that I wore white corduroy pants out yesterday, else XQ and I would've been a shoo-in for the Terrible Twins Award last night, what with similar maroon colored long sleeved shirts, leather shoes and blue jeans ;p Nick was in his usual tee & cargo pants ensemble, NZ with a nice blue shirt, MS sporting a new haircut, and S looked like she was headed out to a D&D or something, in.. nevermind. It'll take too long to explain, and I can't be bothered.

(Will post photos when I get home tomorrow.)

*yawns* The weekend's gonna be burnt, since I'll be working three days straight. And talk about adding oil to the fire, yet another colleague's cheerfully told me that he's having thoughts of leaving.


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Tuesday, February 8


- kein, posted at 4:20 AM.

(Funny thoughts like this crawl into my brain on occasion, so bear with me.)

Everyone (tries to) study hard, work hard and earn more money to have a good life and so on, but to me there's a bottomline to it all.

What's the use of it all when you die?

You can't bring your flashy resume and certs with you into death; same goes to the money you earned. You can be sure the money'll be put to good use though, but maybe not in the way you imagined ;p

Everything just fades away. Remembrance by your family, friends, acquaintances, and enemies(?). Eventually they'll forget you anyway, and the fact that you once existed doesn't even matter.

There's millions of people being born, millions of being dying, and you were just one of the crowd passing through, a faceless figure in the throng.

Everyone tries hard to hold on to their sense of identity, and struggle to leave their mark on this world. You're just another cog in the wheel, I say. Why bother?

So long as you've done your best to live your own life with few regrets, I say it's enough.

*yawns* Such odd contemplative thoughts on Chinese New Year's Eve ;)

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Friday, February 4

gloomy thoughts.

- kein, posted at 10:30 PM.

A fellow colleague stayed behind to yak after his shift ended just now, and it kinda set me thinking about job stability, and all the usual what-ifs.

*question marks floatin' all around*

A lot of my plans would definitely be screwed up if I got the boot at any point of time within these two years, mind you ;p And of course, most of it's due to the moolah (read: MONEY) factor as usual ;)

If there is a chance to do an internal transfer to another department, should I go for it? (Success rate aside.) Like what he mentioned, our job's really bad on the learning factor, which equals to just about zero stuff to harp about when updating that oh so critical piece of paper, the bloody resume. Include his comments about how the company doesn't seem to be doing so well, and hmm.. more question marks?

I'll be the first to admit that it's kinda boring going back to a regular 9 to 5 job tho' ;p


If the chance comes, I think I'll give it a shot, just to have a chance to learn more stuff. That's the end for you when the learning part stops, that's what methinks, especially when it comes to stuff like work.

Anyway, I'm feelin' like shit right now, hope I don't sick up tomorrow ugh. Crap.

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- kein, posted at 4:56 PM.

Man, but this sucks. My teeth fcukin' hurt even when I brush 'em, I don't even want to imagine how I'm gonna eat dinner later ;(

For the Nth time, yes I do hate my braces. 1 year plus more before they come off!

*rolls eyes in disgust*

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Thursday, February 3

pool session ;p

- kein, posted at 1:12 PM.

Spent the entire morning at SAFRA on a tanning/swim session comfortably, and it looks like I haven't got any sunburns today; certainly something good ;p It wouldn't do to pass CNY with skin peeling in various places eh?

It's kinda relaxing to sprawl yourself on a chair and just half-doze while the sun does its work on your skin. Of course, whether the 'work' refers to skin cancer or a nice healthy tan is quite dependent on the sunblock you slather on I guess :X

I didn't use sunblock tho, since I don't really burn that easily, and my objective was to tan after all ;p *rummages around in bag* anddd.. tada! Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil! SPF 4 at that; think it doesn't even begin to help in preventing sunburns lol.

I sorta felt like a chicken wing over the fire during my tanning tho ;p Lie there for 20 mins, flip over, wait for another 15 mins, swim 200m to cool off.. then repeat again.

*visualises chicken wing being coated w/ butter and rotated on the skewer*

At least I'd swum my 1km objective as usual, hmm. Back during my NSF days, I was on a hardcore swim regime, increasing my total distance by 200m every session but well.. I gave up at one point ;p Too boring. Moral of the story? Stick to a fixed goal, easier to maintain and achieve it on a long term basis.

Too bad XQ had to attend classes this week, else I would've had company just now.
And I quote:"Cannot pontang too many tutorials lar!" Woops :)

Gotta continue CCNA later, and head out for shopping with Fab in the evening. Laters!

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Wednesday, February 2

poor birdie(s) :)

- kein, posted at 1:44 AM.

Just like what my post title says :)

Whee, just got home. Long trip to and fro today! Blood donation at HSA, shopping at Carrefour, meetin' ZL to get Xbox games, LS for dinner/shopping @ Bugis/Orchard and E for the usual prata. One word.. packed!


I bumped into a former poly classmate of mine, and it turns out that he's running a modelling agency now called eVogue Models. So, anyone with interests in that field? Do contact Eric at hr_evogue@yahoo.com.sg, or email me for his contact number :)

(And since I'm doing advert #1, I might as well do advert #2.)

If you're looking for people to satisfy your printing/web design/design needs, do contact Jimmy at jimmy@elementsdesign.com.sg, or check out their website here. Promised to offer low prices and good services :) Elements Design - 'cus they take care of the basic elements that build up your company! Or your personal needs, for that matter ;p

End of sidenote

And I've rented VCDs of Taxi 2 and 3 too ;p Supposed to return 'em by Thursday, so I'd better get started heh heh.


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Tuesday, February 1


- kein, posted at 1:30 PM.

Blood donation time! Like what I've always thought, the blood's gonna regenerate over time anyway, why hoard it all inside you? Do some good and give it away, methinks. My way of doing charity ;p

Headin' down HSA (Health Sciences Authority) later for the usual bloodsuckin' ALONE.
But it seems odd why so many of my friends have a phobia against either:
1. Needles. "Argh, just look at that THICK needle going into your arm! So scary!"
(TMD don't look lor, so simple. But that idea just doesn't occur to 'em.)
2. Blood. "I can't bear the sight of so much blood being taken!"
(TMD x2, don't look lor! Then they'll whine, "But I can FEEL IT!")
3. Pain. "The needle's so thick, confirm very painful one lor!"
(This one deserves a more detailed rant, check it out below.)

-.- whaddafugs.

Needless to say, I'm not that fond of pain either, since I'm not a closet SM maniac at heart. But the pain factor's comparable to a red ant bite when the first injection numbs your skin against the pain that the humongous needle *theoretically* should cause later. (And actually even that's not too big a deal; I've been hit with that needle right-on without any fancy props in advance, big omph.)

Oh well, to each his own ;)

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