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Saturday, February 19


- kein, posted at 1:57 AM.

Today, or rather yesterday (since it's already nearly 2 a.m. now) has really been a fun day for me ;)

It all started with me chancing upon this in HWZ forums:

So LS and I took time out, heading down Holland V's Haagen Dazs for the buffet today.
Bo liao right? ;p

Anyway, we only found out that the a la carte dishes weren't available on a buffet basis, bleh. So.. we ended up sharing a Fondue.

Looks nice right? Fruits and ice cream cubes dipped in chocolate and nuts, yum ;)

Me shoving a strawberry ice cream cube into the mouth. :O

But since ice cream alone couldn't very well settle my missed breakfast+lunch alone, I ended up eating at Breko's down the street; LS claimed that she'd enough with the ice cream just now. Or is it one of those weird 'watch-your-weight' things that girls have? Shrugs.

Beef cheddar sandwich and a regular iced tea! ;p

The slight drizzle that begun earlier on had petered off, and left the afternoon sun shining ;) Felt really great to be lazing there chomping away at my sandwich and idling, grins. Maybe that's why the sandwich tasted especially good, laugh.

Snap of the receipt ;p Proof of purchase!

Ah.. 2 beers for $10? Too bad I'm not into beer guzzling ;) Not to mention that 'tis too early for that.

Hopped onto a bus and left for Orchard after I was done, and wandered all over Takashimaya and Heeren windowshopping ;) Fortunately nothing caught me eye, else I'd be splurging yet again :X LS ended up buying a top @ Bodynits tho, looks nice and is quite a steal at 50% off ;p No photos on this part, lazy to snap while walkin' around ;p We did bump into another junior of mine Y tho. Whee, and she was on her way to a modelling audition ;p She looks goot I must say, much different from the cadet I used to see back in my secondary school days.

Dinner was at this Thai restaurant called Lemon Grass at Heeren; and I was stuffed after that ;p Just look.

Sambal kangkong, Thai honey chicken and seafood tomyam clear soup. Decent proportions for two people, but horrendous when the ratio's 1.5 to 0.5 ;p
*note: keropok compliments of the house, but I didn't test if it was free flow :X

"Lemme take a drink before I continue.."

Bwahaha, we managed to clear everything on the table ;p I couldn't chew sotong very well with me braces tho, so that was left out. I didn't bother with polishing off the keropok as well ;p Kinda full at that point. Those aside, the food was pretty decent ;)

Hmm, Evian's 2005 new mineral water bottle on display. O.o

Proof of purchase #2 ;p Cheap isn't it, for a meal of two? Lucky we had the Heeren Card's 15% discount ;)

LS & me; taken by the helpful restaurant guy over there ;p

It was a slow MRT/feeder bus trip to Suntec after that, since Orchard Road's been blocked up for the Chingay rehearsal. And man, it seemed like everyone's dying to watch Constantine tonight ;p Only the first row was available, blehs. Alternative? We walked over to Shaw Tower instead -.- Lousier sound system and seats, but plenty of seats fortunately ;)

Constantine's a good show IMO; less complex than the Matrix plot, and since it's mostly based on stuff from Christianity, it was alot more familiar to me, and definitely easier on digestion grins. Albeit familiar stuff, but yet unfamiliar storyline. I didn't know that Mammon was the Devil's son though, thought he was one of the 9 Kings of Hell or something hmm. Did they twist it somewhere along the line? The effects were good, but one thing I absolutely hated was Keanu Reeves' mumbling. I'd to strain my ears to catch the dialogue at times, and trust me.. for this show, listening to the talk is half the understanding.

A shot of Suntec, taken from the bus stop we were stoning at. Nice? ;p

Movie ticket, taken on the damn rocking bus back home with LS dozing away.

And that's about all ;) Time to catch some Z's!

P.S: Did I mention that Finding Neverland's good? Caught it w/ SJ jie last night, so I think I didn't ;p Anyway.. Finding Neverland's gooooodddddddddd. Catch it if you haven't! Bring more tissue if you're watching with a female ;)