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Sunday, February 27

just another weekend :)

- kein, posted at 2:00 AM.

Blogstipation's over for now! But hmm, where to begin? Perhaps from Friday night :)

So I went down for the bball match, and in conclusion.. we lost :( It was a kinda touch and go thing actually, but we'd lost quite a few points in the first quarter thanks to their fast breaks, and the full court one on one marking (in the last four minutes of the game) was definitely a no-go; all it did was to widen the gap. Maybe Alan was right with his 'too many cooks' theory, but oh well, IMO it couldn't be helped. (Lazy to paraphrase it here, refer to his blog for details) Darryl was truly on form though, with his four of four three pointers, whistle :) Really well done. Me? I was blissfully watching the match, and my jersey was soooooo dry when the match ended. Toldja I'm a bench player, winks.

JL began to talk about God (he'd converted recently) during our supper after the match, and we ended up talking for a bit on that, got up, stoned abit.. and walked off to another coffeeshop to sit down and continue the theological debate. Uh uh, don't look at me, I wasn't involved in it! :) As an self-confessed atheist, I believe that I don't have the required amount of belief needed to make the leap of faith to believe in Christianity ;p I'd more than enough practice with YL in our past kopi sessions. JL was talking with YL at first, and later on ZY stepped into an impassioned one on one debate with JL. Alan, YL and I decided to start our own topic after that ;p NOMFB (i.e. None Of My Fcukin' Business), like I always say, and we headed back for home only at about 0340hrs, when everyone got zonked out -.-

Like the title says, today was just another typical go-out kinda thing. Met LS at City Hall and crawled down to Suntec's Swiss Culture for lunch. (It's near Sky Garden, if you know where that is. You know, the outdoor thingy on the top floor near Tower Records?)

*Note to SJ jie: place looks familiar? I ate there 'cus we always walked past that place to the one we always have dinner at, the place always looked kinda goot to me ;p

A snap of the place :) Looks pretty neat eh?

The menu and sample dishes outside. We had the set lunch (yeah the $16.80+ shit written on the blackboard) as recommended by the nice lady standing there.

Started out with the cauliflower soup. Hmm.. neutral opinion on soups in general, and this one wasn't disgusting anyway. Didn't really taste like cauliflower tho'.

"Huh, simis?" O.o

LS with her chicken pasta, resplendent with resigned expression. I had a bite, chicken tasted like leftover Carona Chicken. *fail*

My chicken bratwurst, or else known as pasta-with-a-German-sausage-and-assorted-veggies. The pasta's good if you like the buttery kinda taste, and sausage didn't taste half bad :) Should give it a try.

Dessert? Blueberry cake. Not too bad, tasted like.. blueberry cake ;p No shots of LS's tiramisu 'cus she polished half of it off before I could take a decent shot, but it tasted like the average tiramisu out there. It seemed like I was destined to be the last person eating from her tiramisu cup, 'cus the waiter promptly dropped + smashed it right after that. Oops?

Windowshopped around Suntec, with LS looking for some white Esprit polo tee with a tiny bow-wielding cherub, and upon failure.. consequently checking out every other white polo tees along every other shop -.- (Personally I dislike polo tees intensely, that's why I wear them to work.) I'd hung myself out to dry with the G2000 splurge recently though, so it was all look and no touch for me. Look Swarovski crystals, look Casio Cockpit series watch, look nice shirts here and there, leave the wallet out of it.

Caught Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events in the evening. Catch Jim Carrey in his maniacal impersonations, he truly excels at what he does ;) I was chuckling throughout the movie at his antics. You'll be exclaiming at how cute Sunny (the toddler) is, and laughing at the quips she makes. (She's actually just babbling, but the translated gist is on subtitles. Nice subbing, I'll say.)

In summary, the plot's a shithappens (my favourite theme) sorta movie about three
kids whose parents died, and how their guardian Count Olaf (Jim Carrey) tries to
wrest their inheritance from them. Need a better summary, look here.

Definitely one of the better movies I've watched recently :) Short, but you'll surely enjoy it, believe me ;p

Well, it was nearly four hours after the lunch at Swiss Culture, so the stomach was complaining for food right after the movie ;p I had a 25% coupon to spare for Pizza Hut anyway (as usual), so we tried the Rich Gold Crust Delight Meal that was on promotion.

Big basket of prawn crackers; but it seemed like the poor keropok had been in the open for like ten years. Tasted like crap. In Singlish? "lao hong liao la!"

Ever seen a glass of Coke? Well actually this one's nothing special, it was just a shot taken in a bored moment ;p

The Rich Gold Crust Delight Hawaiian Regular Pizza. Whew, long name eh? Blardy hell. What's the funny yellow looking ring before the crust, you ask? It's sweet potato -.-
No, don't ask. It's bad.

It tasted so bad to LS that she dissected the sweet potato chunk, the crust and the main portion heh. Do the pineapple chunks look like eyes and a nose? Our way of having fun while eating ;p

I gave the sweet potato several chances though. To be exact, five chances.. since I ate like five slices. But it still didn't make the cut, bleh. *fail*

Aftermath: my dessert. Watermelon, watermelon and more watermelon. Note the uneaten yellow sweet potato still on LS's plate on the far end ;p

Why watermelon only, you ask? The bottom right molar hurt too badly after my dental yesterday to chew on anything more substantial. To be more precise, I was eating with only the left half of me mouth the entire day, bleargh. Was kidding just now that my mouth'll be overdeveloped on the left side in time to come and I'll have a permanent swollen jaw ;p

And yeah, I've bought Jay Chou's Incomparable Concert 2004 DVD! or in Chinese, 周杰伦2004无与伦比演唱会 Live DVD :O Panicked for a moment when my TV threw me a blank screen upon loading the DVD, but after a moment, I noticed that my TV was connected to the Xbox instead of the DVD player -.- Smart. Anyway, watched till my eyes nearly fell out just now, 1hr 45mins worth of ultra clear footage. Love his vocals in 搁浅 as always, and 倒带 was good tho he mixed up most of the lyrics. DVD rocks man, don't ever get the VCD. Forget about the pictorial included in the VCD, you'll just chuck it into a corner eventually. Go for quality! ;p

That's all, bball tomorrow! And work tomorrow.. crap. Luckily I'll be working with PR, wouldn't be that bored with her to gossip chit chat.