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Thursday, February 3

pool session ;p

- kein, posted at 1:12 PM.

Spent the entire morning at SAFRA on a tanning/swim session comfortably, and it looks like I haven't got any sunburns today; certainly something good ;p It wouldn't do to pass CNY with skin peeling in various places eh?

It's kinda relaxing to sprawl yourself on a chair and just half-doze while the sun does its work on your skin. Of course, whether the 'work' refers to skin cancer or a nice healthy tan is quite dependent on the sunblock you slather on I guess :X

I didn't use sunblock tho, since I don't really burn that easily, and my objective was to tan after all ;p *rummages around in bag* anddd.. tada! Banana Boat Dark Tanning Oil! SPF 4 at that; think it doesn't even begin to help in preventing sunburns lol.

I sorta felt like a chicken wing over the fire during my tanning tho ;p Lie there for 20 mins, flip over, wait for another 15 mins, swim 200m to cool off.. then repeat again.

*visualises chicken wing being coated w/ butter and rotated on the skewer*

At least I'd swum my 1km objective as usual, hmm. Back during my NSF days, I was on a hardcore swim regime, increasing my total distance by 200m every session but well.. I gave up at one point ;p Too boring. Moral of the story? Stick to a fixed goal, easier to maintain and achieve it on a long term basis.

Too bad XQ had to attend classes this week, else I would've had company just now.
And I quote:"Cannot pontang too many tutorials lar!" Woops :)

Gotta continue CCNA later, and head out for shopping with Fab in the evening. Laters!