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Friday, March 11

dot dot dot

- kein, posted at 1:13 AM.

'cus I can't think of an appropriate title anyway ;p

Let's see now, interesting stuff of the day.. (four hours of snoozing excluded)

After reading reviews on headphones in the Music SiG (Special Interest Group, under HardwareZone forums) last night, I shortlisted a set of to-buy headphones.

.. and of course, I bought them today @ $59. My Audio Technica ATH-EM5 SV :)

SV = Silver whereas GM = Grey Metallic I think.

Look nice? A bit of a splurge, but since I'd gotten my freelance payment recently, it sorta offset the price tag shrug :X Excuses, excuses. The sound's pretty good, but my left ear's a wee bit painful when I wore it for too long.

Headed down to Suntec for dinner after that, and something odd happened. Well, not very very odd, just the weird-enough-to-quirk-an-eyebrow kinda odd ;p

Anyway, there I was at the urinal minding me own business when I began to notice the guy next to me. (Disclaimer: It wasn't intentional, but he just happened to be visible out of the corner of me eye so shrugs.) Anyway, he'd finished his stuff, proceeded to do the obligatory few shakes of his brudder, (guys should know what I mean, too bad for the ladies) and.. continued to shake it a few more times, and a few more times.. and a few more times.. I did my best to ignore him after that.

Like what the toilet attendant said in 'Hot Chick'.. "More than three times, and you're playing with it."

NB.. wanna play with the little bro go inside cubicle and play la.. gees.

Dinner at Marche was with a colleague of SJ jie, whom she'd sortof.. shall we say encouraged me to correspond through e-mail some time back. E-mail wasn't exactly to me liking anyway, hate writing long drawn out essays and waiting for the replies. So, in the time-honored tradition of 速战速决 (aka settle-things-fast) we ended up meeting for dinner. *irrelevant crap that happened before dinner skipped*

And yeah, I didn't even know that there was a Marche at Suntec City heh, and sortof SMS-ed quite a few people for directions before bumping into LH (aka morit) at Citylink, who kindly gave instructions. Yep, so I've been living in a cave all this while :X

Like I mentioned before, not on form today ;p Think I prob bored myself to death back at dinner, and there were times when it drifted into silence, woops. Talk about family, work, school, blahblah blahblah carried on and off while I continued on my baked fish just now. (Nice baked fish, yum.)

Lots of silence especially while we were at the bloody taxi stand later waiting for a cab, an unbelieveable 40 minutes of waiting. (She was heading out to join her friends.) Lack of common topics I suppose?

Sidenote: No food pics tonight, sorry ;p Kinda forgot to snap 'em before I dug in heh.

Pretty cute but nah, not my type. Don't ask me what my type is, I haven't gotten it all down yet either bleh. Lazy to list it out here anyway, but I don't really dig ladies who smoke. She prob doesn't dig boring nerds too anyway :) Friends yeah, not more'n that. Looks aren't everything, righto? Not to mention the fact that I'm not interested in that sorta stuff right now anyway. Conclusion? Fine as friends I guess :)

Supper with Honda and Earl thereafter at Blk 85; orh lua and chicken wings slurps. The other two had porridge. (Porridge? Porridge is only eaten when I'm sick.) Got ribbed on the earlier dinner meeting, crapped abit with 'em and headed back on Honda's new CRV. Damn bloody spacious, if I might say so :) Nice. It was just now that I realised how bloody easy it was to drive in automatic gear -.- tamades. No wonder everyone's saying Class 3A's a cinch.

Driving tomorrow again, time to Z!