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Tuesday, April 19

about determination.

- kein, posted at 12:11 AM.

Determination. 恒心. It's so easy to NATO (no action, talk only. a Singaporean favourite) about how the mind can overcome the unwilling flesh, and overcome obstacles, but as usual it's not so easy in reality :)

Definitely not simple, as I found out while jogging last week. While I certainly wasn't doing the 100 metre dash, it came fairly close to a brisk jog, and my body was certainly punishing me for the lack of running during the past year. It was a competition of mind over matter, pushing myself to reach the end point before I stopped entirely, the constant streams of "fcuk you, don't stop! just a little bit moreeee.." to myself, taking deep breaths while the starved lungs screamed for air and sweat chionged from all the bloody pores.

In a perverse sort of way, it felt good though. The first step to regaining my stamina, fitness.. and hopefully the $200 that comes along with an IPPT silver :) Swimming and basketball would keep me from becoming a slob, but it certainly wouldn't make me any fitter after all. What else could I do, but turn back to my least-loved activity.. jogging.

Sorta decided that jogging should be done thrice a week and pushups, crunches and chinups be scheduled on the other days of the week. Hopefully the regime wouldn't kill me yet.. my legs were aching all over after my first run last week.

Today's jog felt better though; maybe there's just something refreshing about the rain that pelts you as you carry on jogging (while taking care not to slip and fall on the stupid metal drain grilles; hazardous tsk tsk) and of course, painful when the blardy raindrops hit your eyes.. as I discovered in pleasure extreme irritation when I kena just now.

Now there's jogging, basketball, swimming blahblah to occupy my body, and I'm going back to hit on CCNA now that driving's off my mind for the time being; not to mention the fact that the degree studies are coming up in a few months' time too.

Let's see how long I can keep this up; hopefully all of these'll be habits to last me throughout the next two years at least. I can like almost draw a schedule of the next two years right now, gees.. crazy existence. I'll be screaming my head off if I wasn't already resigned to my fate.

Determination, hmm..