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Thursday, April 21

half-time break.

- kein, posted at 10:53 PM.

Short break before I start on the blardy CCNA (otherwise known as Cisco Certified Networking Associate, for the uninformed) again, yawns. Just finished tekan session on the bod, time to tekan the mind later brr.. sibei jialat.

Main course for today, to the accompaniment of Jay's Incomparable Concert DVD:
- 2 x 25 pushups (killer course)
- 2 x 25 bicep curls
- 2 x 30 tricep curls
- 2 x 25 crunches

Doesn't seem like alot, but for an idler of a year or so, it's definitely not easy going ;p

Trivial update: heard that we'll be using new CPUs at the workplace today; Pentium-IV 3.0 GHz processors, 512MB SDRAM (assume it's SDRAM la, can't be RDRAM right?) and Windoze XP? Whistle, big big upgrade from the plodding old Windoze 98 terminals we've been using :) Not bad, at least I'll enjoy using my work terminal a 'lil more grins.

More important note: Anyone interested in buying the Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life movie DVD and the first Lara Croft movie VCD? Just found out I'd gotten freebies yet again.. Z. I'd rather have free movie tickets than this. Oh well, time to offload 'em somewhere.

Was playing MSN Wheel of Fortune with PR and WK last night till about 5 a.m, and PR was saying "我以你为荣". Trivial shit, but I didn't know that having an English A1 in the long ago O's was good enough to make my friends admit that yes kein was a friend of theirs, and they were proud of that fact ;p Fairly amusing to me anyways.

OK, enough inanities written; time to tak chek! End of boring post.