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Friday, April 29

of fatigue.

- kein, posted at 6:19 AM.

Yawn. Damn but am I tired.

Been sitting at the PC the entire night handling customer calls, trying to log sequence of events blah blah due to some stupid latency issue, brrr. (Picture customers screaming politely on email "Why is my connection LAGGING!" I would've told 'em to shove it but hey, I'm in customer service man.) No peaceful night for me, but at least my colleague was around to do all the other menial stuff.

I'd woken up earlier yesterday to process a bank draft for upcoming school fees, and I can't sleep right after work later 'cus I've a dental appointment in the morning.

Kinda lacking in sleep.. tired tired tired tired tired but nooooo, can't surrender just yet. Still gotta wakeup earlier later for my Friday jog, and yeah I'm working again later tonight, not to mention tomorrow night.

.. wonder if I'll die younger from all these constant abuse I'm doing to my body. Hopefully before 50 years of age, like what I expect ;p