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Saturday, April 16

what makes you happy?

- kein, posted at 8:04 PM.

Idle talk being exchanged at the dinner table just now with ah poook, and the thought just struck me; There wasn't really anything I could do or want that made me happy.

I understand what constitutes a challenge, and the feeling of exhilaration. After all, that's why I play basketball.

Satisfaction, accomplishment, yep. Maybe I'll reserve that for stupid stuff like my upcoming degree and other long term goals.

Contentment, yeah of course. Whenever I get enough sleep or buy something I want ;p

But happiness? Hmm, this one sorta stumped me. I haven't had the feeling of being happy in quite some time. Not even when I'm out with my friends, hmm not even; just realised this part when I was out with LS in the noon. Most of them have been a big part of my life for years, and the belated realisation that I've unknowingly cut most of them out isn't very pretty.

Living for the sake of living, and nothing else. I don't talk much about my inner feelings nowadays, and it feels like I've pretty much compartmented most of those hazardous emotions away, lock shackles chains and all. They're still there in the corner, but it's all I do to take the merest peek once in a while.

The lyrics in Jay's 倒带 sorta summed it up, but I don't think there's a 你 involved.

应该开心的地带 你给的全是空白 一个人假日发呆 找不到人陪我看海
我想你应该明白 却一直都进不来 你留给我的伤害 我是真的很难释怀

Perhaps it's more like this.

应该开心的地带 感觉的全是空白 一个人假日发呆 找不到人陪我看海
或许有人能明白 却一直都进不来 这种莫名的伤痕 我是真的很难释怀