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Wednesday, May 18

of contrasting conclusions.

- kein, posted at 11:08 PM.

"How, your friend buying you not buying ah?"
- Over-friendly sales staff at the Heeren last week, making smalltalk to brother while I was otherwise occupied. Friend? Rightttttt.. friend.

"Are the two of you twins? You look so alike!"
- Insurance agent giving weird compliments while trying to get brother+me talking. Oh well, at least she came up with something original, can't fault the creative lie.
I ended up posing as an impoverished 20 year old student ("Yes Temasek Poly year 3, waiting for NS blah blah..") and she swallowed the lie whole :) Hook, line and sinker. Goes to show how underage I look -.-

The twins (?) at Shitty City Hall MRT today.

Totally unalike lor! Same factory, different model and 6 years' difference in manufacture date la.