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Sunday, May 15

of an idle (but still funny) quote :)

- kein, posted at 3:44 PM.

So there I was, remarking to the brother about constipation in general last night.

"Odd that you can constipate for days on end and not feel the shit piling up right?"

"Think of how long your intestines are la; confirm can store alot of shit inside." Not exactly verbatim, but a general approximation of his impromptu reply.

Incidentally, how long are our intestines? I was curious anyway, and Googled to find out.. and woah, is it long or what? ;p

No wonder I feel like I'm always so full of shit :) Figuratively.. and literally.

*The brother hasn't been blogging much, due to extreme blogstipation. (To borrow a phrase from the recluse, copyrights none but acknowledgements given.) Writes a post, and ends up feeling that words aren't doing his thoughts justice so trashes the post entirely. Hopefully things'll change for the better, but for the moment all of you're more or less stuck with me ;p Bear with it.

**Update: NZ pointed out on SMS that shit is stored at the rectum instead of the intestines. Need further proof? At least the theory on being full of shit's disproved ;p