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Wednesday, May 4

of idle off days.

- kein, posted at 8:49 AM.

I suspect my body clock's going seriously haywire, since I woke up at about 7:15 a.m. today without disturbance.. and I'd no need to get up so early in the first place, sigh.

Took my time finishing my reread of Robert Jordan's WOT #3 The Dragon Reborn before I plopped myself infront of the comp though :) It's a really good fantasy series, and appreciating the way Jordan writes once again reminds me of why I shouldn't even try my hand at writing, grins. Reading his books makes the imagination come alive, and allows the reader to picture the bustling scene and every vivid detail in the mind. In contrast.. I think the best I could do would be to keep the reader awake :X

Enough digression. But then again, I do like to be awake in the morning when everything seems so fresh and new. To look out of my window bemusedly, and look at the quiet scene in my neighbourhood. To hear the birds chirping brightly, and luxuriate in the stillness of the uninterrupted moment.

On my off days, I've grown to like the routine of a lazy morning breakfast. Walking leisurely to the wet market, and enjoying the look of reflected sunlight off the dew covered grass. Taking in the fresh morning air, and watching the unhurried walk of other residents off to market. Oh, and trying not to smirk too much at the people on their way to work. Sitting down with a bowl of fried Hokkien mee, and browsing the morning paper at the same time. (Nods, major failing of mine. I like to eat, read and let the food grow cold.) Taking my time about things, and strolling back home without giving a damn about time :) I've plenty of time to burn, laugh.

The later morning's always a good time to head off to the pool for an unhurried swim, and a chance for a suntan :) Good activity to clear the mind and process thoughts, yep. In the chill waters, the body moves without need of conscious thought, and the brain just drifts along thinking whatever. I've always thought that swimming's a good aid to writing well, although I've yet to prove that theory :)
(Note: this only applies to weekdays; in the weekend the pool's filled with screaming kids, weekend fitness warriors and all sorts of other people. Crap. Never go to the pool on weekends.)

Ideal afternoons would be spent lounging about somewhere outside (not at home definitely!) trying to study; past experience has shown that the home is not a conducive environment for study, for me at least :) There's still the CCNA to pore through, and more to come in the subsequent two years.

Stimulate the body after the mind, and follow it up with an evening run to keep the fitness up. I've always hated jogging, but well it's all for the greater good shrugs. That's what I always tell myself whenever I'm wheezing and gasping halfway through the jog :)

Late night coffee talks would be another desired to-do, but I haven't been doing it much of late; everyone's busy with their own stuff, so I'll usually either endup at home with the Xbox/PC/books or shuffle up to the 7-11 for a bite. Kinda miss the days back when it was a sort of weekly affair among those of us who lived in the east, but what can I say :) Time goes on, and everyone changes.

Well, you've come to the end of the daily drivel as spouted by yours truly as always :) The reality of having too much free time, laugh. Enjoy the rest of the week people, it's a short working week after all, like what NZ said. Time for my breakfast! :)