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Wednesday, May 11

of the may freebies, part 2.

- kein, posted at 10:45 PM.

Caught 'The Jacket' today with brother, after an hour or so of window shopping around Suntec City. Saw some nice shirts buttt.. save money, so sua. Shopping list's gonna get longer and longer if I carry on looking ;p Funny thing was the sales guy who kept buzzing around at one of the shops in the Heeren.

"Your friend shopping, then you not buying ah?" He asked the brother.

Well done, friend eh? Granted that we don't resemble each other at all, but I must really look like a young kid with the current hairdo to be able to jump the 6 year age difference -.-

Entered like 15 minutes early but hmm, the Lido theatre was pretty empty. Pretty great contrast to last week's House of Wax, when we entered 10 minutes earlier but got crappy seats. For pre-movie entertainment, there was this moron in front of me who rocked his seat backwards a few times and smashed into my knees a couple of times, earning muttered curses repeatedly from yours truly. (Had contemplated scissoring my legs around his blardy neck and choking him to death if he'd done it once more, bleargh.) Well, those who've gone to Lido should know how cramped the seats are :)

Anyway, I'm not gonna do a full writeup of the show here, so Google the movie synopsis or something. The movie's pretty short, you get to see Keira Knightley nude for a few seconds (brief eyecandy factor), but the plot's pretty transparent most of the way; only the ending was a little unexpected. In what sense, you ask? Watch it if you're curious :)

I won't rate this as a must-watch movie anyway, go rent the VCD or something if you're interested. What with the movie ticket price hike and the show content, it's not really worth the money IMO.

And that's all for today.. eh not. One other disgusting thing seen on the MRT just now: a couple fondling each other like the entire train was empty or something, bleargh.

(I'm not a prude or something, and all for Public Displays of Affection (PDA) as well. So long as they like it, shrugs.)

So, actually it wasn't a big deal eh? Not when it's a homosexual couple.

Still not too bad you say? How about a male gay couple?

Just ignore them la, it's their freedom right? Sure, but try ignoring two middle-aged uncles groping each other right in front of me lor!

They were to my right, so I winced and tried to look straight.
Brother was right in front, so I gaveup staring straight after awhile.
Turn to the left = train door reflection, so I couldn't very well look there.

In the end, I gave up and told brother to alight at the next stop -.-