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Sunday, May 8

of modern society.

- kein, posted at 1:32 AM.

"Life in an urban city like Singapore comes with it many pitfalls. One of it is the moral decay and mental retardation of young people. A package of deceit, manipulation and lies seem to be dominant and prevalent as one enters his or her third decade of life. As always it usually starts during the late teen years as mild and progresses. As one ages, urban life experiences and pressures associated with it may bring out such characteristics in otherwise ordinary people. As people in their 20s seem hesistant in trusting one another, the trust which they had during their teen years simply degrades.

The source of this degradation may be past failures in love, obsession about money, women, love and power and sometimes paranoia seems to be the driving factors. Sometimes psychological problems play a role too. As I write this article, I do notice signs of an increasingly superficial, selfish and power hungry world. People now are eager for immediate success and achievement. In the past, morality restrained people's behavior. But now the strength and scope of moral restrictions has shrunk. People don't think about the means; they'll just do anything. This is reflective of a nation where morality is generally defined according to one's feelings. In a postmodern society, where people do not acknowledge any moral absolutes, if a person feels justified in engaging in a specific behavior then they do not make a connection with the immoral nature of that action. Yet deep inside, they sense that something is wrong in our society. They simply have not been able to put two and two together to recognize their personal liability regarding the moral condition of our nation.

Until people recognize that there are moral absolutes and attempt to live in harmony with them, we are likely to see a continued decay of our moral foundations.

But the world is a place worth fighting for.

It's up to everyone reading this right now to silently ponder on how to live your life. It's time to go back to your synagogues and churches, and learn the basics of the moral codes. You can save this world, but it all begins with YOU and YOUR personal relationship with others. It will be a slow process, but if we all start NOW, we can turn this world around and make it a better place for all and for the future.

- post by 90s_Teen in sgForums.com, click here for the link.

Nice post IMO; inspiring isn't it? Food for thought people :) Footnote here: religion's a good way to learn to live your life properly buttttt. Don't mix religion together with moral ethics!