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Monday, May 9

of the unexpected.

- kein, posted at 10:47 AM.

The room I stepped into did not seem any different like any other one in the house, with a few people lounging about. Quite a large room, but by far the coolest one. That was a relief in itself; it'd been a hot day in Malaysia so far.

A woman down by the right gave me a look, one that said I knew her. Did I? Lady in her thirties, just the typical married auntie look, hmm. I walked over anyway, plastering a social grin onto my face and extending a hand, while sitting down opposite her.

"Hello auntie, you are...?"

"So fast and you've forgotten? I'm your second auntie's cousin ah, this is my sister's house lor you saw my kids the other day right? And it was only..."

I filtered the rest of her chatter out. And it seemed like I did remember seeing her at another relative's home and her children; a young one of about three years who could not keep her hands off those sweets on the table and screamed piercingly, and a younger one I mostly ignored. Babies looked and behaved the same everywhere anyway; crying and always in need of attention.

The shaky grin was switched for a more genuine smile, and I scratched my tousled hair.

"Oh yes, now I remember."

We talked of other casual trivialities, and she was proudly praising her town as a "fine place to live your life and raise kids."

Not me definitely, I mumbled inwardly; I'm a city kid born and bred, tied to technology. Rustic places like this? The environment appealed to me though, and I savored the peace and quiet like one gulping water with a parched throat, grateful to the moment.

I didn't want to disappoint her well wishes though.

"I'll definitely come back here if I ever decide to have kids. Definitely."

Watching her brighten up noticeably at the second "definitely", I was kinda glad to have said it.

"That won't be anytime soon though, since I'll have to get a wife first. Anyone to recommend?" I grinned in jest, not really meaning it.

She shook her head, but unexpectedly she gave me a knowing look coupled with a smile.

"It may happen sooner than you expect you know."

Now what did that mean? Positively mind-boggling. Getting up, I made a few polite excuses, meaning to leave. Yes, I wanted to go walk around for a bit, stretch my legs that kinda stuff. No no, it was fine, I could get along by myself, and I'll be back in a while, I assured her.

No idea where I was going though, but to hell with it. Time enough to decide after I got out of the house. Stepping over the doorway and out, I took a deep breath. Freedom! Looking out onto the quiet street... it was then that I saw her for the first time. Standing out there, looking as though she'd been waiting for me all this while.

It felt like someone had hit the pause button on me, and I froze, disbelieving.

It had happened, sooner than I expected after all.