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Thursday, June 30

of playing LEGO.

- kein, posted at 1:37 AM.

Most people (?) would remember playing with LEGO, those funny looking yellow figures that came with bricks of all shapes and sizes, clicking together to form whatever the imagination could envision.

I remembered building the buildings and various whatnot models dutifully the first time round, (as prescribed in the assembly instructions) before boredom set in, and I began making blueprints of my own design. Robots came into play, coupled with flying spaceships, hovercrafts, and of course.. the headquarters for the good guys where they could defend themselves from the onslaught of the evil villains. For some reason or other, my creations always bordered on futuristic technology rather than everyday stuff :) The closet technogeek in me since childhood, grins.

Anyway, here's a short Flash game from LEGO to entertain yourselves for awhile: Orient Expedition Quest for the Golden Dragon. Shouldn't be too hard to complete, seeing that a sleep-deprived moron like me could complete it on the hard setting ;p