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Tuesday, June 21

of a seemingly packed day.

- kein, posted at 10:44 PM.

I'd yakked all night long with ahlong (better known as the leongster in our little blogger community) till 3a.m. or thereabouts, and it was a pretty tired and stoned ah kein who awoke to morning bball.

.. and as usual, I had to perform alarm clock duty for NZ before he could come down to join us. You know, something like calling someone and grumbling "oiiiii.. wakeup!" Not exactly what I like doing but shrugs, we all have our little pet rants I suppose. That aside, morning bball with JH and NZ was quite invigorating :) The shooting seems to have returned, and I was quite on form with the jumpers and free throws; what a absolute miracle :)

The remainder of my time before IPPT (read: Individual Physical Proficiency Test) and yes, I took it today but we'll get to that part later; all in good time) was spent at home with NZ, going over some miscellaneous stuff in web design and coding, stuff I'm sure none of you guys'll be interested. What, you're actually curious? Well.. it's actually stuff like (technobabble start) code and functionality of webpages; aesthetics, the backend codes using dynamic web scripts like PHP, ASP, JSP, Coldfusion and image editing with Adobe Photoshop and.. I think I'd better stop this part before everyone starts snoring and leaking drool all over their keyboards. :)

And of course, on to the main course: IPPT! I had the greatest time asking for directions from alot of people before going, but all everyone said amounted to something to the order of "you won't miss it one la!" NB. Lucky there was this NSman (got the NSman look you know? Middle-aged, put on weight, irregular exercise and civvie clothing all that stuff, exactly where I'm gonna be in about ten years' time) infront, and I just tagged along behind right down to Bedok FCC.

The equipment there's spanking new and quite user-friendly I must say, quite a contrast from the IPPTs I took during my service term. I had my doubts about the accuracy of the shuttle run and SBJ (standing broad jump) stations though, since I clocked 9.3 secs for one and 230 cm (pathetic, sigh) for the other. 'Tis like whaddafugs?! But yeah, silver scores nonetheless. The clincher was the 2.4, as I expected. *sighs* To inject humor into the situation, yours truly came up with the following captions:

- "Walking during your 2.4km run: Fine $100."
- "Hungry? Tasty snakes available during your 2.4km run. Warning: hefty price tag of $100."

Yeah, not very funny but 'tis the best I can do bleh. Mental fatigue man, blardy hell. I always hated running my 2.4 on the jogging track. 6 blardy rounds, I was beginning to walk by the 3rd round lol. However, I sorta misjudged the time and walked too much. Woops? Nevertheless, I'll book a retest on stupid MIW soon, brr. At least Aik and YL'll be coming along on the retest, grins. Company! :) Apologies to Shan for her SMS of encouragement tho', since I certainly didn't do my best. :X

And just as I'd thought the day was done, the old man flared up over some trivial shit, cursing and swearing in Teochew loudly, banging stuff in the kitchen, refusing to eat dinner because he claimed he was too pissed. Yeah, that sorta thing. All over something which I didn't do, NB. I absolutely hate it when people accuse me of things and I'm not the damn fcuking guilty party, pui.

But the night was saved by a call from Erwin, and an impromptu late night kopi session w/ him and S :) And it's absolutely amazing, S finally pierced her ears lol. Long talk, fun. And right now, my head is throbbing from lack of sleep. Time to finish my Jerry Maguire DVD; "Show me the money!"

More to come tomorrow, since it'll be quite a busy day as well :)


Just when I thought I was done, brr. Changed the song playing to Jay's 借口. Was walking home after the IPPT listening to that song, and it struck me again for the Nth time howmuch I liked it :) Especially the part where the instrument in the background goes counterpoint when he's singing 也许你已经放弃我 也许已经很难回头 in the beginning, and goes to a crescendo with his vocals going 说~ 你不爱我. The rawness of the vocals're also appeals to me alot, feels like projection of his feelings into the song. In short? Very nice! :O


翻着我们的照片 想念若隐若现
去年的冬天 我们笑得很甜
看着你哭泣的脸 对着我说再见

也许你已经放弃我 也许已经很难回头
我知道是自己错过 请再给我一个理由 说你不爱我

请你回头 我会陪你一直走到最后

就算没有结果 我也能够伸手
我知道你的痛 是我给的承诺
你说给过我笑容 沉默是因为包容
如果要走 请你记得我
如果难过 请你忘了我..

.. 同样的, 我早已遗忘了一切.