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Thursday, July 14

of the keinday present.

- kein, posted at 2:08 AM.

ahkein is officially 1 year old today! *rolls eyes* Inside joke.

So what's inside the box? But the brand name sorta says it all.

Reality unveiled.

Thanks to Erwin, NZ, Shan, ahlong, Nick, LS and Meng who contributed to the gift :)
Appreciate the thought (and the willingness to fork out moolah), and especially to Erwin/NZ/Shan for taking the time out to shop for the pressie ;p

XQ/S also bought a shirt from Thailand, but since it's at the tailor's for alteration.. no pics available ;p Impromptu gamsia to 'em as well.

A wink to YX mei, LS, the recluse, and Brian for their SMSes of well-wishes as well ;)

P.S. Congratulations to ahlong on his commencement @ NUS today :) May he find the job that he wants soon, and become another source to power the economy with senseless splurging, grins.