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Wednesday, August 31

of the penguins today.

- kein, posted at 11:32 PM.

Caught March of the Penguins with Adri today, and I've got to say it's one of the more interesting documentaries I've watched up till now. French narration nonewithstanding, (I'd have preferred the English version but NOOO, Singapore doesn't have it! English first language my ass; what the hell) the movie was still understandable, with English subtitles to boot.

It's also gotten me wondering on how exactly do the bloody penguins survive, with such a high mortality rate. Penguins horlan (and not contributing to mating) on their way to the mating zone, eaten by underwater predators, chicks dead in their eggs before hatching, starving to death, frozen by the chill winds, eaten by hungry predators, blah blah. Walao, and it's not like the penguins can have multiple births or something, it's a strict single egg laying thing. Madness.

The baby penguins look real fluffy and cute though, with their grey feathers. Adri was predicting that the stores'll be coming out with the plush toys to capitalise on the mad rush of newborn penguin lovers. ;p I think I'll go into selling fluffy baby penguin toys as well if I had the capital.

Yeah, anyway. Go watch it if you haven't, bring your female friends along and watch them squeal at the cute lil penguins. On a weekday though, no sense spending $9.50 on a damned flick that's less than two hours. I'm strongly against paying so much dough for a movie nowadays, brr. Talk to the hand, movie cinemas of Singapore. Me definitely not gonna give you the satisfaction of earning a weekend ticket's price from me err.. heh unless of course, I kena forced to watch bleh.