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Monday, August 22

of running dry, yet again.

- kein, posted at 11:05 PM.

Yet another funny strip from Davis :)

I'm really running dry on stuff to rant about these days; perhaps it's just that life's been too pleasant for me to have anything much worth screaming on.

The days flow by like the waters of a running stream. Minutes merge into the hours, the hours into days, and the days into weeks. Before I realise it, time's flying away so smoothly that I can barely hold on. I seem to be getting old so fast, and yet not aging. It's only when I see how old the brother's gotten, that I realise that the days have already whizzed by.

I see friends around me getting into something I like to term as engine-stall mode. It's something like a period when you should be revving up your engine and start chasing down those goals, but somehow the engine just refuses to work and dies on you. It may be depression thanks to unemployment, or it could be a sense of disorientation and loss, due to not knowing what you want in life. Perhaps, it's just something that everyone faces at some point in life.

Alright, enough of thoughtful stuff. I'm high and dry on these, and there's no conclusion to mid-life crisis musings anyway. Perhaps the only way's to hope that fate deals a better hand as time goes on.