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Monday, October 31

of a relaxing saturday : )

- kein, posted at 2:49 AM.

I was too tired to write all these yesterday, but I really enjoyed myself on Saturday :) No photos for now, since I haven't uploaded 'em yet.

Saturday noon, lounging lazily at the beach with S, XQ and YL (aka the leongster). Main activity of the day? Bridge: a truly excellent way to pass the time of the day.

Spent like hours sitting/lying there playing away, before deciding dinnertime was up and about, and we cycled down to Changi Village for dinner. It's not like I get to do this everyday, so it was great fun to me at least :) Then we were like the mobile bridge brigade, playing bridge wherever we happened to stop at.

It was a long and tiring day, I tell ye. Happy tho'.

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Friday, October 28

of a long forgotten line.

- kein, posted at 3:25 AM.

"... I loved you once. Yep, I know I'm a fool. But do you truly understand why? I hope you do, 'cus I still don't."

I was really surprised, and kinda shocked when I saw this sentence appear on PR's diary. It's been so long ago that I'd nearly forgotten it all; that I was the one who originally penned that line.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Head down to iam tandem and download the PDF then. A lengthy read, but well.. if you're bored it should be pretty amusing : )

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Thursday, October 27

Rolling Bomber Special

- poook, posted at 12:23 PM.

Although this isn't new, and you don't know what Power Rangers are(wtf?), I guarantee it's still hilarious. Starring Shingo Katori of SMAP.

Some preview shots of the film

Click here for the link!

(I think this short film can be found in SMAP's DVD, 'SMAP SHORT FILMS')

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of the zorro sequel

- kein, posted at 2:09 AM.

The Legend of Zorro opens today, and ahkein has already watched it. Two words: great show! :) I really like the action scenes, all so nicely choreographed; Zorro's fights look like something out of a Matrix movie. We were laughing away at the corny one-liners as well, cheesy humor works as a good complement I suppose. Not too bad, it's definitely one of the better movies out there right now.

But be warned, for potential movie-goers. Apparently, GV has this new policy in place now. For Wednesday shows (which are supposedly $7), an extra $1 will be charged if it's the first week screening for that movie. So.. I kena chop and paid $8 for a Wednesday flick, pui.

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Monday, October 24

of the other carl's jr

- kein, posted at 10:29 PM.

The other Carl's Jr outlet at Raffles Place, near Cecil Street. Much smaller outlet compared to the one at Marina Square, diners are advised not to sit outside when eating alone.

.. imagine walking inside to get a drink refill or more ketchup, and returning to your table to find a flock of marauding pigeons pecking away at your food.

Yep, the pigeons seem to be that ballsy all right; I had to literally wave 'em away with one hand while chewing on my fries.

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Saturday, October 22

of the promised land.

- kein, posted at 12:02 AM.

Here's a nice article I got in my email. I really think the guy makes a hell lotta sense, so enjoy! *heads back to revision*

The Promised Land

I still believe in magic when it comes to "matters of the heart."

But only if the approach is sound and founded in reality, not
fantasy. The bottom line is we are all basically after the same
things. We all want to be loved unconditionally, and told
everything is going to be OK. It's just that we all go about
attaining these things in different ways.

One of the sad and brutal realities of life is that true love is not
a birthright. It is possible to "fall through the cracks" and never
cross paths with that special someone during our brief journey
through this life.

It's oh so easy to write a laundry list of what we want in a mate.
The true test of character, however, is to be able to look in the
mirror and use that same laundry list to assess ourselves. Are we
our type's type? Or is our "type" simply a fantasy person who is
always "out there" somewhere but never materializes?

I've talked to dozens of women over the years and asked them what
their "type" is. They usually proceed to describe this sort of
wonder man who is a hybrid of JFK and James Bond. I then ask them
if they've ever dated someone like this. The answer is no. I then
ask them if they've even met someone like this and, of course, the
answer is no. In other words their idea of what their type is has
nothing in common with the reality of what's attainable for them in
this lifetime.

As my father once said to me, "To meet the right person you must
become the right person." I think I'm finally starting to
understand what Dad meant by that simple yet profound statement.

At some point, hopefully sooner than later, we all might benefit
from applying a more realistic and sensible approach to the pursuit
of love. That moment will come at different times for each of us.
Because at night, when we lay our heads on our pillows and face our
moment in the dark, we only have to be honest with one person,

As the days and weeks and years pass us by, the state of the dating
scene is only getting more challenging and pathetic. Probably the
greatest culprit is the misuse of the "C" words. There's a
destructive trend in our society that confuses chemistry with
compatibility. (Hollywood has sold us a lie.)

I'm starting to think that there's another "C" word that's even more
important than the previous two: Companionship.

In the final analysis I don't believe there are any absolutes. The
thoughts and opinions I've expressed here are both fluid and
ever-evolving. I suppose it all starts with "hello" and, from
there, let's all have faith that the hands of destiny will lead us
to the promised land; a place where fantasy flirts with reality and
magic is still alive.

Geoffrey Ross

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Friday, October 21

of yet another complaint for the Nth time..

- kein, posted at 11:49 PM.

.. about my bloody braces.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate 'em? Well if I haven't, yeah I officially declare it once again: hate.my.braces

Bear with me, or skip this post. I just had my dental appointment, and this is one of those days when it hurts like hell. Hurts so much to bite, I wish I could just rip the damned things off right away.

And yep, the bloody things totally screwed up my dinner. I could only chew with the extreme right molars, and my mouth was restricted by rubber bands so I could only open it up like 2cm. IF there's even 2cm. Add a sudden attack of gastritis, and I was in total bliss just now.. NOT. Even the food at Jack's Place just now tasted like crap, ugh. But man, was I a delicate eater just now or what. It was like the first time in years I ate in such a prim and proper manner.

Hate my braces, argh. Fcuks.

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Tuesday, October 18

of nocturne

- kein, posted at 6:14 PM.

***EDITED: seems like some of the lines were wrong. I've changed it to meipoh's version, from jay-chou.net as usual.

Nocturne (or 夜曲), one of the songs in Jay Chou's upcoming album.
What can I say, great lyrics :)

Sidenote: if you're interested in listening to the song, can head over to Junwei's blog (a friend of the brother) to catch a earful. I see no sense in providing the same song when someone else has already done so :)


失去妳 愛恨開始分明
失去妳 還有什麼事好關心

啊 烏雲開始遮蔽 夜色不乾淨
公園里葬禮的回音 在漫天飛行
送你的白色玫瑰 在純黑的環境凋零
靜靜聽 我黑色的大衣 想溫暖妳
日漸冰冷的回憶 走過的走過的生命



那些斷翅的蜻蜓 散落在這森林
而我的眼睛 沒有絲毫同情
失去你 淚水混濁不清
失去你 我連笑容都有陰影
Repeat #,*

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Monday, October 17

of yet another packed sunday.

- kein, posted at 1:49 AM.

And here we go; a boring account a la I-brushed-my-teeth-ate-slept-and-shit-today format.

Early morning: Trying to sleep after work last night. Interrupted by Brother Meng, who came by to return me my A40, creating enough noise to send suicidal impulses to the brother (who was trying to snooze next door).

Late morning till mid-noon: Cineleisure's K-Union, attending Echo Music's internal music showcase with the leongster, under invitation of Ms E. Relaxed and enjoyed listening to the various renditions by the Echo students :)

Checkout the leongster's account for a more detailed recap and more pictures; he managed to cover pretty much everything I wanted to say. Howeverrr.. Ms E sang considerably better at the KTV I went the other night. Prob a bad case of nervousness, her performance suffered considerably today. Let's look forward to a better act the next round! :)

I managed to snap a few using Ms E's HP Photosmart, not sure how they turned out though. Sigh, indoor shots are tough cookies to chew without a tripod. Should've brought my A40 along today. *rolls eyes* Now do I realise the beauty of having complete control over the aperture and shutter, instead of relying on preset modes.

The rest of the day: Rain, rain and more rain. No more swimming, no more basketball. Life is crap.

Night: Changi Airport T1, dinner w/ NZ and Meishan. Ended up playing Cashflow on NZ's laptop while waiting for a flight to arrive.

Late night: On my way home, distracted. Watching a snail beneath my block, extreme boredom.

Past midnight: Losing sleep blogging, duh.

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of a cycling friday, part ii

- kein, posted at 1:15 AM.

Here's some of the photos, as promised. There were like 600 odd photos taken in all by the hardcore photogs, did I mention that earlier on in another post? I forget.

Anyway, here's some of it i.e. the decent ones. I look like a half-digested dog's dinner in most of my pics, ugh.

On our way to Ubin!

Standing around, waiting for the treasure hunt to begin.

This one was taken on my HP; fooling around on a bike one-handed while trying to shoot the two of us isn't easy ;p

Checking out the pics on my HP after the end of the treasure hunt, taken without me knowing.

A closeup of the above pic; suddenly I seem to have long eyelashes too. (?)

Playing cards with the colleagues after the treasure hunt ;p

A shot of the people at my dinner table :)

Getting ready for a group photo after dinner, candid shot.

I was kinda narcissistic, so I ended up cropping the above pic. Looks great isn't it?

Laughing at one of the endless group shots.

With my colleagues. This is what happens when you resize an image of SLR quality; everyone end up looking like ants instead of humans.

Nice beach shots; the good thing about using an SLR -.-

Leaving on the bumboat!

That's all!

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Sunday, October 16

of unacceptable crap.

- kein, posted at 5:11 PM.

I was reading Jan's entries last night, and came across a link to her other blog about a previous relationship.

Began reading and hoo man, is the guy some work of art.

A few excerpts:

"He beat me up real badly...
All i could do was to juz cry & let him get over and done wif it..."

"Before i knew it,
I was thrown head first against the wall...
The ordeal begun...
and i emerged wif scratches and bruises on both my arms, wif a big bump on my head."

"We had a quarrel which left me standing at his doorstep for the entire afternoon.
When he finally opened he door & we talked...
He screamed his ass off at me again... and... Slam the door hard, onto my hand.
Dun recall much about that part. I figured that i fainted & he carried me in.
I woke up on the couch. He apologise... again.."

Three words, WTF?

I may not be the perfect gentleman or an expert when it comes to romance, but one thing I'm not into is definitely physical abuse. Jerks like that should be shot, castrated or both. Then again, I wonder why people like that constantly manage to get more unknowing victims; prob all the sweet talking and romantic stuff, shrugs.

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Friday, October 14

of today's random shots.

- kein, posted at 12:52 AM.

Boredom while waiting for the MRT.

Random shot of ahpoook & ahkein, bleh.

Woah, the brother's holding a bag of humongous chips! Bus stop near Yio Chu Kang MRT.

Ang Mo Kio Hospital! Where the grandmother's residing at the moment.

A shot of the grandmother and ahkein.

Nice graffiti done near the swimming pool under construction: Spongebob Squarepants, ugh. Of all the cartoons..

There was this part where a mother was wheeling a kid in a pram, while his (much much much) younger brother ran ahead. Kinda comical if you'd seen it, since the kid on the pram was like oversized for it, and the one that was supposed to be wheeled was walking instead. Topsy turvy world we live in eh?

We'd actually spotted a dead bird hanging on a wire at the top of the Tampines Sports Complex, but alas the HP camera has no zoom and therefore.. no pics. Too bad.

All the odd stuff we see when we walk around, but the camera's not always handy.. alas.

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Wednesday, October 12

Test Recordings

- poook, posted at 1:25 AM.

Just made a test recording of Jacky Cheung's 我真的受伤了 a few minutes ago, and I think it's by far the best recording I have done, considering that there is no warm up/practice session beforehand.

Well hell yeah, I am proud of it! :)

Click here to download and listen!

Before you get too disappointed, let me tell you that my rendition only lasts for 12 seconds. After all, it's just a test.

And in case you haven't noticed, this is the poook posting.

On a side note, I've uploaded a test recording of kein and I singing Jacky's 你最珍贵. Initially, we intended to do a recording just for fun, but it turned out that our voices sounded oddly similar.

Looks like we are from the same factory after all, despite being a different model.

Click on the links below to check out our test recordings:


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of the corpse bride

- kein, posted at 12:17 AM.

Finally managed to catch the Corpse Bride w/ Adri, and the theatre was like three-quarters filled at best. I'd already heard of the unbelieveably short screentime, but the show was good nonetheless. Especially liked the morbid humor captured in the dialogue, so very characteristic of Tim Burton. The music composed by Danny Elfman stood out very much too; it sorta reminded me of those old Quest For Glory computer games I used to play back in my younger days, with the Russian-themed music. It's a simple story, but yet everything fits together nicely at the end; an ending not totally unexpected.

After the show, Adri was commenting about the weird movies we'd caught so far.
- A documentary: March of the Penguins.
- An outdoor movie: Alot Like Love, Starlight Cinema @ the Padang.
- An insanely short animation: Corpse Bride.

Anymore odd films to recommend? Hmm.

Checkout Johnny's review on Corpse Bride. IMO he wrote a pretty good analysis of the flick :)

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Tuesday, October 11

of wisdom teeth

- kein, posted at 11:22 PM.

I was reading about WX's wisdom tooth extraction just now, and it reminded me of my own toothy tale; maybe I should write it down here. It's not like I've anything else to write about at the moment. (Then again, there's always Corpse Bride hmm. We'll come to that later.)

I'm not sure if it's still in practice now, but during my time in NS, it was quite the norm (among my NS buddies at least) to have the wisdom teeth pulled before we hit our ORD. This was to sort of 'extend' our leave period, so that we wouldn't need to go back camp unnecessarily. After all, we were leaving the bloody place soon, so why not?

Secondly, wisdom tooth extractions cost a bomb outside ;p Some people like to think of it as such; "Don't fix it if it ain't broke." Me? I'd rather remove all of the bloody buggers before they returned to haunt me (and my wallet) in future, while the costs were still subsidised. Yep, subsidised a.k.a. FREE. Now you begin to understand :O

My experience was more special, in a way. I was planning to start on my braces back then, and that alone required me to extract four teeth. Add the four wisdom teeth to the plans, and I ended up looking at a total of eight teeth being removed in a single go. Yep eight, you read that right. Don't wince :)

I was slightly more fortunate though, since I got the option of going under general anaesthesia instead of remaining awake under local anaesthesia. That meant that I would blackout under the chloroform, and awake with the entire thingy finished. It definitely sounded much better than the stories I'd heard from me friends, who were ranting about keeping awake for hours while the dentist poked, drilled and pulled at their senseless jaws.

So the day of the operation came, and I got wheeled into a room with a bunch of people at the ready. Wires attached to various parts of the body, and then a nurse put the mask on me, telling me to breathe deeply. So.. I took a deep breath, and I concussed right away heh. Powerful stuff, I tell you.

The next thing I knew, I was sitting up, being wheeled out into a ward. My mouth was full of cotton, and I was in pain. Big time pain, at that. It was about the only time that I yearned so much for painkillers, and that's saying alot. And all the time, I was like spitting blood out, changing the cotton wads in my mouth, repeat ad nauseum.

(Now we come to the slightly funny part, so don't fall asleep yet.)

So I was busy spitting blood, and another guy got wheeled in. Judging from his age and the cotton in the mouth, I presumed he was a kindred soul i.e. yet another NSF who had his teeth pulled. I waved a hello at him, and he replied in kind.

He pointed at himself, and held up four fingers. Four teeth pulled.

(I smirked internally at that point. Four teeth only, wanna compare?)

I pointed at myself, and held up eight fingers. Sorry brudder, I win this round.

He could only shake his head in disbelief. I expect he was trying to imagine his current level of pain, doubled at that :)

Moral of the story: always get your damn wisdom teeth pulled before you leave the army, it saves all the undue grief (and money) in later years. I was shaking my head when I saw the amount WX paid for her single extraction, and mentally multiplying it by four. Hmm..

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Monday, October 10

of atheism

- kein, posted at 9:14 PM.

Came across this site while checking out Pascal's Wager, and it looks interesting :)

The Rejection of Pascal's Wager: Central Thesis

Religion to atheism, hmmmm..

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of mayday live!

- kein, posted at 12:13 AM.

Mayday (or better known as 五月天) was down performing live at Orchard today, but I missed it! :( From what I heard, they performed quite a few of their new tracks just now, argh. Looks like I'll have to wait till the concert before I can watch them.

A friend of mine was down there with her sister though, and managed some shots.
Credit goes to Ellen for the below pics :)

Yanming, the percussionist.

Shin, lead vocal.

See you all at the concert! *makes handsign too*

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Saturday, October 8

of a cycling friday.

- kein, posted at 11:41 PM.

I spent the entire Friday (i.e. yesterday) outside, running from place to place.

A quick gym session in the morning, hastily hitting the weights for less than an hour.

Heading down to the office to get a lift to Changi Village, a decent lunch (courtesy of a senior colleague, grins) and a short boat ride down to the main event of the day, Pulau Ubin :) It's a company outing thingy, me is a night owl instead of working office hours, and so I seldom interact with the rest of the company. Upon my arrival at Ubin, I was eyed with great curiosity, like some ten-eyed eight-legged crossbreed of a human being brought out to display. Grrrrreat.

The people were friendly enough anyway, and I got to know a few of the colleagues, put some faces to the names I'd been seeing on emails for so long. Not a bad trip, I'd say. I had fun cycling around, getting rained on, playing cards, and having a good dinner at Ubin. Ubin hadn't changed too much since my last visit two years back, unless you count the resort. On the downside, I didn't have time to go Chek Jawa for a quick look either, brr. Not that I had my A40 along anyway -.-

I won't be posting too many pics yet, since most of the nicer pics (I assume) were taken by my colleagues, who were boasting digital SLRs. Let the professionals do their work, I say. Me? I only managed to snap a few hasty ones with the HP while balancing away on my bike. ;p

Tada! This one turned out nicely, despite the fact that I was cycling at a pretty brisk clip as I took it.

The night was spent boozing away at XQ's place, ugh. I've never claimed to like alcohol, and I suppose it'll never be an acquired taste for me. Nevertheless, it was a night with some fun parts, where we were laughing our guts out at some joke or other.

I can officially affirm that I have a blackhole in my digestive system though; ate at Ubin, had nasi lemak after that at XQ's place, two MacDonald's double cheeseburgers and half a packet of mixed vegetable rice that his dad bought. Add the amount of liquor that I'd drunk the entire night (include the Heineken from Ubin) and ugh, man. Where did all the food go?! : (

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Friday, October 7

of the name.

- kein, posted at 2:33 AM.

So I had been sick, and decided to break my nice squeaky clean record and get medically certified (aka MC) at my local clinic, shuffling my way down to the place I hadn't been to since my NS days. Heck, maybe the doctor's even forgotten who I am.

The new nurse took a look at my scribbled name, and began talking after she found my patient record.

"Kein? The problem with names nowadays, you all do it by yourself. Do you know that it won't be accepted if you're baptised?"

I was rendered speechless for a second, since it was like "What's it to you lady? Do I look like your son or something?"

Nevertheless, I simply smiled and replied.

"Well, it's my name."

She came back for a second round.

"Do you know that this name isn't even in the Bible?"

I resisted the urge to shove my slipper into her gaping mouth. In my mind, I was like "SO?" Man, what was her problem? Did I even mention that I was a Christian? I'm not even a fellow Christian and there she goes off rambling rambling rambling with all her talk. *rolls eyes*

She should save her preaching for someone else who'll listen to her though; talking to me is like yakking to a stone wall or something.

In reality, I simply kept a neutral expression and nailed my mouth shut. When you've nothing good to say, shove it.

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Wednesday, October 5

of being mistaken.

- kein, posted at 5:38 PM.

So the idle banter with my taxi driver this morning went yada yada yada, and then it came to the money question.

"你不是新加坡人啊?" (So you're not a Singaporean?)

I confirmed that I *was* indeed a down-to-earth Singaporean, and asked in return (suspiciously if I might add):

"你为什么会这么说?" (Why do you say so?)

I thought only the brother hit these weird questions about nationality, while I got the ones about age; guess I was wrong.

"哎呀, 你说的话听起来不象吗." (Oh, that's because you don't sound like one.)

Damn, I got mistaken for some Chinese foreigner just because I spoke English and Mandarin without a trace of Singlish? I know I certainly look Singaporean enough, brr.

To correct her misaligned perception, I proceeded to fall back into mainstream Singlish, and regaled her with my none-too-shabby repertoire of cling-clang shing-shang phrases. I pulled out all the bells and whistles; all those "walao", "ya la it's lidat one", "you know hor", "beh tahan" (and many other Hokkien grunts and snorts which I decline to include here) so that she would be convinced of my nationality.

Well, she seemed satisfied with my talk after my performance; but made another misconception right thereafter.

She thought I was born in 1988. -_________________________-

Hello, even the brother's born in 1987, geez. I got mistaken for some snotty wet-behind-the-ears 17 year old kid?! I guess I do look young. Damn damn damn damn damn young at that; this one beats all my previous records. And yeah, I get mistaken for both my age and nationality in a single morning.


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of being sick.

- kein, posted at 12:37 AM.

I.am.sick. : (

*heaves big sigh of disappointment*

Physically sick, not mentally sick.

(Then again, I might already be mentally sick, for all you know bleh.)

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Monday, October 3

of the cinderella man.

- kein, posted at 9:54 PM.

Caught this movie on Saturday night (or rather, Sunday morning), and I've to say that it's one of the few flicks that is definitely worth the $9.50 price tag :) Great show! Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger comeout tops in their characterisation, and I like the flow of the movie.

But no, I'm not gonna write a lengthy review here when someone else has already done such a great job. Checkout A Nutshell Review's take on the movie.

For those who haven't caught it, big oops. It should be disappearing from the local big screen soon, so you might want to wait for the DVD or *ah hem* it. It deserves to be caught at the theatre though, but hmm not like we've any choice over the matter eh?

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of a mental note.

- kein, posted at 1:28 AM.

On the MRT, watching the scenery amble by. It was early Saturday evening, and I was doing my best to doze the entire way back home then. Going for school earlier in the day had been a very bad decision on my part.

Sleep was left behind, as I was entertained by the family that stood in front of me. A boy with his younger sister, and a father dressed casually in a tee and berms, with waistpouch to match. The father was cheerfully playing along with his kids on the MRT, chuckling one moment and pretending to be stern the next. The kids were giggling away at that, and continued to act out their nonsensical games, without much regard for propriety or decorum.

I watched the father at play; so unreserved, so happy with his children, and I pondered, hiding a faint smile that tugged at the corners of my lips. Yet another moment when I wish I had my camera with me, to capture the emotions of that particular instant.

Sometimes, watching simple things like these are enough to make my day a happy one as well.

Mental note: if I could be like even *half* of what that father is (ten years down the road perhaps), I'll be more than satisfied :)

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Sunday, October 2

of blatant advertising

- kein, posted at 1:34 PM.

A spot of advertising for a friend of mine ;p

IF you're interested in getting someone to provide makeup services on those special events (you know what I mean la, weddings graduation whatever-else-you-can-think-of), feel free to checkout Winsome's Makeup Artist page. Do checkout her online portfolio, and see if what she offers is what you're looking for.

Dunno if there's a discount on the prices tho', you'll have to ask her ;p

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Saturday, October 1

of lotsa different flavors!

- kein, posted at 1:02 AM.

An impromptu ice cream fest @ Andersen's, Marina Square.

These two buggers arrived first; a fondue single (above) and the banana split (obvious). Four flavors of ice cream in all; mint, strawberry, chocolate chip (not too bad a choice, it's not too sweet unlike other ice creams) and fruit of forest (nice one too) flavors. (I'd recommend eating the mint with the chocolate sauce, 'cus it's too.. minty.)

LS, rushing to snap pictures of the ice cream before we started eating.

Candid shot.

All laid out prettily, slurps.

The waffle's with rum & raisin, my favourite ice cream flavor :O The waffle sucked big time though, prob one of the worst waffles I'd eaten so far. Hard, thin, overly sweet maple syrup, the only good thing was the big scoop of ice cream.

An overhead bird's eye view; prob what a housefly'd see.

There was a family seated beside us, and the mother kept peering over in our direction to gawk in disbelief; we assumed it was because of the sheer amount of icecream that was on our table. ;p Maybe she was going 'tsk tsk' inside her head, at the youngsters who spend such a bomb on trivial things like ice cream. (While being envious, secretly wishing that she could splurge frivolously as well.)

"ARH, here I come!" *slavering jaws*

Just kiddin'. I'm a delicate eater ;p (Sometimes.)


And oh, it's Children's Day already! The brother's already screaming and cursing at the kids that'll be out eating tomorrow, 'cus he's currently slaving away as a waiter :) May all kids grow up to be less of a pain in the arse, this I fervently hope.

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