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Wednesday, October 5

of being mistaken.

- kein, posted at 5:38 PM.

So the idle banter with my taxi driver this morning went yada yada yada, and then it came to the money question.

"你不是新加坡人啊?" (So you're not a Singaporean?)

I confirmed that I *was* indeed a down-to-earth Singaporean, and asked in return (suspiciously if I might add):

"你为什么会这么说?" (Why do you say so?)

I thought only the brother hit these weird questions about nationality, while I got the ones about age; guess I was wrong.

"哎呀, 你说的话听起来不象吗." (Oh, that's because you don't sound like one.)

Damn, I got mistaken for some Chinese foreigner just because I spoke English and Mandarin without a trace of Singlish? I know I certainly look Singaporean enough, brr.

To correct her misaligned perception, I proceeded to fall back into mainstream Singlish, and regaled her with my none-too-shabby repertoire of cling-clang shing-shang phrases. I pulled out all the bells and whistles; all those "walao", "ya la it's lidat one", "you know hor", "beh tahan" (and many other Hokkien grunts and snorts which I decline to include here) so that she would be convinced of my nationality.

Well, she seemed satisfied with my talk after my performance; but made another misconception right thereafter.

She thought I was born in 1988. -_________________________-

Hello, even the brother's born in 1987, geez. I got mistaken for some snotty wet-behind-the-ears 17 year old kid?! I guess I do look young. Damn damn damn damn damn young at that; this one beats all my previous records. And yeah, I get mistaken for both my age and nationality in a single morning.