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Monday, October 3

of the cinderella man.

- kein, posted at 9:54 PM.

Caught this movie on Saturday night (or rather, Sunday morning), and I've to say that it's one of the few flicks that is definitely worth the $9.50 price tag :) Great show! Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger comeout tops in their characterisation, and I like the flow of the movie.

But no, I'm not gonna write a lengthy review here when someone else has already done such a great job. Checkout A Nutshell Review's take on the movie.

For those who haven't caught it, big oops. It should be disappearing from the local big screen soon, so you might want to wait for the DVD or *ah hem* it. It deserves to be caught at the theatre though, but hmm not like we've any choice over the matter eh?