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Saturday, October 1

of lotsa different flavors!

- kein, posted at 1:02 AM.

An impromptu ice cream fest @ Andersen's, Marina Square.

These two buggers arrived first; a fondue single (above) and the banana split (obvious). Four flavors of ice cream in all; mint, strawberry, chocolate chip (not too bad a choice, it's not too sweet unlike other ice creams) and fruit of forest (nice one too) flavors. (I'd recommend eating the mint with the chocolate sauce, 'cus it's too.. minty.)

LS, rushing to snap pictures of the ice cream before we started eating.

Candid shot.

All laid out prettily, slurps.

The waffle's with rum & raisin, my favourite ice cream flavor :O The waffle sucked big time though, prob one of the worst waffles I'd eaten so far. Hard, thin, overly sweet maple syrup, the only good thing was the big scoop of ice cream.

An overhead bird's eye view; prob what a housefly'd see.

There was a family seated beside us, and the mother kept peering over in our direction to gawk in disbelief; we assumed it was because of the sheer amount of icecream that was on our table. ;p Maybe she was going 'tsk tsk' inside her head, at the youngsters who spend such a bomb on trivial things like ice cream. (While being envious, secretly wishing that she could splurge frivolously as well.)

"ARH, here I come!" *slavering jaws*

Just kiddin'. I'm a delicate eater ;p (Sometimes.)


And oh, it's Children's Day already! The brother's already screaming and cursing at the kids that'll be out eating tomorrow, 'cus he's currently slaving away as a waiter :) May all kids grow up to be less of a pain in the arse, this I fervently hope.