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Friday, October 7

of the name.

- kein, posted at 2:33 AM.

So I had been sick, and decided to break my nice squeaky clean record and get medically certified (aka MC) at my local clinic, shuffling my way down to the place I hadn't been to since my NS days. Heck, maybe the doctor's even forgotten who I am.

The new nurse took a look at my scribbled name, and began talking after she found my patient record.

"Kein? The problem with names nowadays, you all do it by yourself. Do you know that it won't be accepted if you're baptised?"

I was rendered speechless for a second, since it was like "What's it to you lady? Do I look like your son or something?"

Nevertheless, I simply smiled and replied.

"Well, it's my name."

She came back for a second round.

"Do you know that this name isn't even in the Bible?"

I resisted the urge to shove my slipper into her gaping mouth. In my mind, I was like "SO?" Man, what was her problem? Did I even mention that I was a Christian? I'm not even a fellow Christian and there she goes off rambling rambling rambling with all her talk. *rolls eyes*

She should save her preaching for someone else who'll listen to her though; talking to me is like yakking to a stone wall or something.

In reality, I simply kept a neutral expression and nailed my mouth shut. When you've nothing good to say, shove it.