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Tuesday, November 22

of a disappointing potter movie.

- kein, posted at 9:10 PM.

And I've *finally* caught the Goblet of Fire today at Suntec; right after like 99% of the people around me have caught it. Funny why the theatre's almost full even on a weekday afternoon, Z. Doesn't everyone have anything else to do other than watch this bloody movie? (Then again, I should ask myself the very same question.)

Lots of distractions in the theatre today though; stupid kids discussing the movie in (very) loud whispers, and mothers tending to their noisy kids. And a female beside me who got extremely irritated at me. Why? Simply because I forgot my seat number, dropped my pouch and made her miss like ten seconds' worth of movie advertisements (yeah wow, big deal) while I was squeezing past her to recheck my seat, retrieve my stuff blah blah blah; yeah you get the idea. I wasn't really feeling guilty though.

Before you start reading my comments, it would be wise to note that I am a bit of a purist when it comes to novels being converted to screenplays. Leave too much out and I'll start ranting and raving, like now.

Lord of the Rings, IMO was a good piece of work: retaining the feel of the book while keeping it to a manageable size. This movie reminded me of Star Wars Episode III somehow. It looked like the director took a chopper to the book and hacked it into pieces, refitting the shreds into a mere two and a half hours. Extremely rushed, many scenes skipped. One example was the misunderstanding between Harry and Ron: it dragged on for quite a bit in the book but in the movie? Poof, best friends again!

Another thing I disliked was Dumbledore in this movie. He was extremely out of character, and was shouting like some loudmouth throughout. Brrr, whatever happened to the stern and wise Dumbledore of the book? I always had this image of him being laidback, in control and seldom raising his voice, and blah this happens.

And Mad-eye Moody's image certainly didn't fit in with my mental one as well, especially the eye. Whaddahecks, strap-on fake eyeball? He wasn't maniacal enough for my taste too.

Some minor plots in the movie were altered also, one example was Neville handing the Gillyweed to Harry instead of Dobby. Another obvious one would be Barty Crouch Jr appearing early in the story at the Riddle house (?) as well as his all too obvious act of shooting the Dark Mark into the sky at the Quidditch Cup. Once again, where the hell did Dobby (and Winky) go?! Dropped into some black hole for the duration of this movie, bah.

The Pensieve subplot also got compressed into a single scene, something I didn't especially like as well. Rita Skeeter's role got downplayed, and her ability as an Animagus wasn't even revealed. Barty Crouch Jr's escape from Azkaban wasn't explained, and Dumbledore didn't even bother explaining to Harry what Priori Incancatem was. (Like the movie audience would know whaddahecks it meant. "Ooooo Priori Incan-something! What's that ah?")

And for people like PR who thought that the ending was unnecessarily abrupt.. actually it wasn't. It's just that too much got skipped in the middle, so the ending became like "woah, and THAT'S the end of the year?!"

Unneeded screen time was spent on Harry's flight from the Horntail, and his bathroom encounter with Moaning Myrtle; excessively unnecessary IMO.

Well, enough of complaints I suppose. Everyone can bitch, but it's not easy making a movie. In terms of bringing the book to life, the movie did extremely well. The level of detail is amazing, and the movie does manage to keep you on the edge of your seat at some points. The rest of the cast have been good at bringing their respective characters to life.

But I only have one word for it: sucks.

Shots from yesterday; exhibits at the Esplanade main hall.

Today's lunch; nasi bryani padang @ the PSA building. Looks good, tastes not too bad too.
Ms E was an absolute paradox while eating it though ;p Weather too cold, so she was busy shiverin'. Food too much chili, so she kept burning her tongue and had to have something cold. (You could hear the hiss as the fire on the tongue was being extinguished.) But still feeling cold, and yet couldn't drink something hot 'cus of the food. Pretty funny, all in all :) Talk about having a literal love-hate relationship with your food ;p