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Tuesday, December 27

of coming home this christmas.

- kein, posted at 3:28 PM.

I hadn't written anything about this previously, due to the lack of pictures. But that little issue has been addressed, so here we go :)

Before the performance started. YC, MY and ahkein.

A day before Christmas Eve, I'd attended a Christmas musical at Bethesda Cathedral (titled 'Coming Home') at the invitation of an old friend. And the performance was really good, I could see the effort behind the entire thing. A musical IMO, is never an easy thing to pull off, and there has to be like tons of rehearsals to get the entire flow going smoothly without a single hitch. It's my first time going to a church musical too, and I can honestly say that it was a great experience.

The entire cast of the musical, post-performance.

The musical focused upon a modern Singaporean family, where the son in question (Keith) succumbed to the temptations outside and left his family, after a heated argument with his father. In the end when he had nothing left, he finally repented, returning to his faith and his family. The return of the prodigal son, so to speak. A simple story, but suitable for Christmas nonetheless.

YC on his first solo performance. Great singing I must say :)

After the performance. YC and ahkein.

YC's father, together with us.

I'm glad I came for the musical too :)