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Sunday, December 11

of mayday's final home concert! - part 2

- kein, posted at 1:35 PM.

Just changed the song being played because it particularly reminds me of the concert last night (because of the dance in the MV). Mayday was trying to get everyone to dance to the song, without notable success though ;p Our seats were too cramped to allow much moving around, and Singaporeans are famous for being a stiff-necked bunch anyway. Blasting this song on the PC as I'm typing helps me to remember a little of the mood from last night :)

It certainly was a great experience, jumping/yelling/screaming/singing and moving along to the song, watching the performance up live is really something that can't be compared with the concert DVD. There were some buggers who managed to sit down and watch the entire performance calmly though. It's like fcuk, it's a Mayday concert! Stand up and have fun! How the hell do you listen to one like it's a damned cello recital by SOS? But yeah, it's their money who really cares.

(Note to self: never forget the lightstick next time on a concert, my hands were idling last night.)

My seat was at row A1-4, which was supposedly the second category, but I was actually in the 4th row from the front? Wow. I certainly didn't expect the seats to be that good :) The seat was slightly left though, not really center so I supposed that's the difference between the Cat 1 and Cat 2 tickets. Bah, who cares. Thanks to LS for using her points to get a 20% discount on the ticket, so we ended up paying like $102 for a $128 ticket. The boom camera was kinda irritating though, swinging left right up down to capture the bloody audience.

Still not in the mood to post photos though, I'm in neutral gear right now. Just feel like idling the entire day away. Wait for part 3 of this post, I'll throw the photos up on that one. Whatever pics that look interesting, that is ;p