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Tuesday, January 24

of a movie review: memoirs of a geisha.

- kein, posted at 12:20 AM.

Caught 'Memoirs of a Geisha' just now w/ SJ jie @ Cineleisure, and hmm. The level 9 cinema's kinda small, but quite a bit of legroom. Not too bad, I'd say. The sound system's way overpowered though. Go to theater 10 if you ever want to catch a fright flick with your girl or something; the sound's guaranteed to make her jump at the slightest trigger ;p

About the movie? That's another thingy altogether. Sometimes it really sucks to read the novel beforehand. This movie might've been way more enjoyable had I left the book alone, Z. I was totally demoralised by the time five minutes or so of the show had passed, and things didn't really get better, only worse. Slouched further and further in my chair, and got prepared to be disappointed.

But well, as usual novel-to-screen adaptations are subjected to time constraints, and textual expression is way different from visual. Some things you can empathise and feel, from reading. To bring the same effect out using film is totally another issue altogether.


To my dismay, the story's been thoroughly shaved, and certain liberties taken with the plot to make it fit. Things like General Tottori as Sayuri's danna being totally out of the picture, Nobu's gift of the stone to Sayuri, and his promise to become her danna if he ever requested for the stone. The emergence of the angmoh general (?) and his involvement in the well-being of Iwamura Electric, hmm. I certainly didn't remember any fire in the Nitta okiya (correct me if I'm wrong on this), and the magnificent scene where Sayuri threw the Chairman's hanky away left me gaping. At the plot change, yes; not at the great scenery.

Another subtle plot change was the blatant highlighting of the Chairman's desire towards Sayuri/Chiyo. Every now and then there'll be this look on his face, and the unfinished sentences, blah blah blah. In the novel it was like a bombshell when the Chairman revealed his intentions, really hit me by surprise there.

Brainwipe mode, and Nobu becomes unexpectedly outspoken in the movie, declaring his fondness for Sayuri, whew. Whaddahell. It makes for a more interesting movie experience though, so I supposed that's a good thing.

The good thing about the movie was the great effort made in details, you could feel like you were really watching life back in that era. Thumbs up to that, truly rich and vibrant experience, especially in Sayuri's dance performance. That certainly wasn't anything the book could capture, and only the movie could've brought it to life.

Overall? Not too bad a movie, if I close an eye and take into account all of the limitations. I'm just happy I didn't burn a weekend ticket on it, phew.

This goes to show how bored I was.

Saw these shoes @ Beetlebug. Not too bad, hmm.

Side view.

Bought this pair in the end though : ) Eyeballed it some days back, snapped it on the HP and.. came back for it just now.

Tampines is turning into a playground? Hm.